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Residential Council Minutes :: September 12, 2006

Present: Adam Axler, Aaron Becker, Alexander Dean, Mark Fuller, Justin Glavis-Bloom, Sarah Goldman, Srividya Kalyanaraman, Jimmy Kaplowitz, Allison Kwong, Katie Lamm, Damian Maldonado, Michael Morgenstern, James Reed, Laura Supkoff, Christine Sunu

Tardy: Theodora Hinkle

Absent: Peter Donnelly

Guest: Thomas Forsberg

    1. Changes to Program House Guidelines
    1. a. Main goal: Make program houses and Greek houses more accountable in the Brown Community
    2. b. Section 3: Need to sponsor two community service events and have to have paperwork for it
    3. c. Section 5: Independent liaison elected by house to communicate with all the independents; Two reviews with checklist, they’re going to fill out all info for council; potential to check all contacts; present them with issues for which they will be held accountable; require them to come in if needed --> make review process more concrete
      1. i. How can we make sure we get review right? --> i.e. like preventing program houses from adding members who don’t actually exist?
      2. ii. Review of PH Review: All program houses need to come in and go through process. Point values assignment for different criteria.
      3. iii. This year, ResCouncil wants to provide form upfront --> Don’t need to have people come in; quicker, more efficient.
    4. d. Section 7: List of program houses; can be changed by program house chair or secretary
    2. Questions on New and Improved Program House Guidelines
    1. a. Q: Function of liaisons --> try to introduce themselves to each independent in the dorm…how efficient should this be? A: should also coordinate with CA to acquaint themselves with independents
    2. b. Q: Attendance at council meetings --> do we need to get program house council and Greek council to agree? A: change phrase from “they will be present” to “they may be present”
    3. c. Q: What about program houses that just check boxes? Should we independently verify them? A: No, just have them provide proof, more accountability.
    4. d. Q: What are the “relevant materials” in a program checklist? A: include 1) list of 22 members and SISD #’s and 2) name of faculty advisor
    5. e. Q: Wants to have program house chair report to whole council --> make it mandatory or are we trying to get rid of it? A: Whichever makes the process of reviewing more streamlined, we keep.
    6. f. Whole document can be amended at anytime
    7. g. Motion to approve updated program house guidelines. Motion passes unanimously.
    3. Updating issues from last year and proposing new ideas for this year
    1. a. Issues pending from last year
      1. i. Universal key card access --> creating “regions” of card access
        1. 1. Wayland-Littlefield-Hope
        2. 2. Young Orchard-New Dorm-Barbour
        3. 3. Keeney-Perkins
      2. ii. How are we going to publicise it?
      3. iii. RPLs as a good distribution channel --> address q’s to their RPLs?
    2. b. Lockout fee scale --> maximum would be $40 instead of $100; with 5th lockout, have to meet with someone in ResLife.
    3. c. Deactivate lost cards online --> with current system, can’t do it online.
    4. d. Rosario is now in charge of the RPL program; Jackie responsible for lottery; Chad in charge of rooming issues; Rich taking over many of Rosario’s previous duties.
    5. e. Lottery went well last year!
    4. Break into committee meetings.
    5. Thomas Forsberg and Lounge Renovation
    1. a. Over the summer, new furniture put into 10 Wriston lounges; redistribution of old but good furniture into other lounges
    2. b. Renovation in other lounges around campus --> 98% complete.
    3. c. Tom --> feedback wanted from ResCouncil and general community.

End of Meeting

Submitted by Srividya Kalyanaraman, Residential Council Secretary 2006-2007