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Residential Council Minutes :: September 19, 2006

Present: Alexander Dean, Peter Donnelly, Mark Fuller, Justin Glavis-Bloom, Srividya Kalyanaraman, Allison Kwong, Katie Lamm, Damian Maldonado, Michael Morgenstern, James Reed, Laura Supkoff, Christine Sunu

Tardy: Adam Axler

Absent: Aaron Becker, Theodora Hinkle, Jimmy Kaplowitz

Guest: Jackie Newcomb

  1. Community Service Events
    1. a. One house-only event; other can be combined with other groups
    2. b. Need to vote
  2. Jackie
    1. a. Committee on Alcohol Review
    2. b. Nancy Barnes --> per drink charged vs. all you can drink; per drink—less likely to drink???
    3. c. Pregaming? --> Enough people at door to prevent drunken partygoers.
    4. d. Micheal – definitely more pregaming – Spagfest from last year?
    5. e. Poll party manager trained?
    6. f. Ricky Gresh, Margaret Klawunn --> they made most of these rules
    7. g. Bring data to talk to people if necessary --> show profits that they made.
    8. h. Alex --> need to consider type of party and type of alcohol served.
  3. Party Manager Training
    1. a. Changes --> Does it enable students to detect drunkenness?--> not exactly rigorous training. Jackie: changing training
    2. b. Talk to Ricky Gresh
    3. c. What does party manager do? --> bouncing, registering event properly at Brown, alcohol and room policies at Class F parties; paperwork and logistics. Adam: Detecting drunkenness, dealing with more issues on that night
    4. d. Adam: Cracking down on campus than trying to help students safe when drinking alcohol?
    5. e. Not having Class F parties makes students drink in less safe environment vs. underage drinking.
    6. f. Abide laws of RI vs. protecting students' safety
    7. g. RPL -->“addressing and reporting”
  4. Bike policy – Jackie
    1. a. ADPhi/DPhi --> ZRD and Nick Swisher had proposal to clean the bike room. Tagging all bikes that have been abandoned. One week to reclaim, later bikes are getting sold and funds passed on to charity
    2. b. Could we do this for all buildings? Before responsibility given to Reslife solely. Need student support.
    3. c. Summer storage of bikes in bike room?
    4. d. Allison: Brown renting out bikes
    5. e. Mark Perry wants all bikes registered on campus --> so that no student sues Brown for bikes removed that look abandoned.
    6. f. Issues: people put bikes in old dorms, study abroad, taking time off, etc. --> how about we inform all the students if their bikes are getting taken?
    7. g. “Is it legal to buy another bolt cutter?” – Laura
    8. h. Jackie – looking at bikes that have been in there for a while; “decent shape” bikes not going anywhere.
    9. i. Adam: UCS would like to get involved in this. Justin: Laura get in touch with John Gillis

End of Meeting

Submitted by Srividya Kalyanaraman, Residential Council Secretary 2006-2007