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Residential Council Minutes :: October 3, 2006

Present: Alexander Dean, Peter Donnelly, Mark Fuller, Justin Glavis–Bloom, Theodora Hinkle, Srividya Kalyanaraman, Allison Kwong, Damian Maldonado, Michael Morgenstern, James Reed, Laura Supkoff, Christine Sunu

Tardy: Adam Axler

Absent: Aaron Becker, Katie Lamm, Jimmy Kaplowitz (absence excused after motion on Oct 17, 2006)

Guest:Evan Stone (new alternate member), Thomas Forsberg

  1. Gender Neutral Bathrooms
    1. a. Rich Bova --> informal biweekly meeting on gender neutral bathrooms
    2. b. Does anyone want to sit on the committee?
    3. c. Distinction between first year and second year units’
    4. d. Upperclassmen housing --> having one bathroom designated as gender neutral bathroom?
    5. e. Laura: Whose bathroom do we take away? --> do we take away a guy’s bathroom or do we take away a girl’s bathroom?
    6. f. Mark Q: Who wants the gender neutral bathroom?
      1. 1. Put it on gender neutral bathroom
      2. 2. Need to try to find data that women can be supported
    7. g. Is this conversation going in the right direction or do we as Rescouncil need to step in and change direction?
    8. h. Pick bathrooms in dorms that can be switched – tangible bathrooms
    9. i. Have they thought about remodeling?
    10. j. Adam: Goes on an individual basis – individuals living in dorms should decide?
    11. k. Unofficially gender neutral vs. officially gender neutral?
    12. l. Adam and Christine: some sort of town-meeting-like procedure where flexibility is present
    13. m. Dorms that have clear solutions to gender neutral bathrooms and dorms that need a great amount of flexibility.
    14. n. Laura: pop who want gender neutral bathrooms and pop who would feel weird about gender neutral bathroom
    15. o. Sri: tangible creation of a pilot program
    16. p. Which dorms do we include in a pilot program? Ad-hoc committee to think about this issue?
    17. q. Christine: need to have people involved in gender neutral bathroom issues
    18. r. Thea and Alex going to do ground work on this issue
  2. Bike Policy
    1. a. Recommend that they be registered mandatorily (if they want to store in the dorm)
    2. b. Mike: If it is not registered, then we put tags on it to warn. Do it together.
    3. c. Justin: how about if you don’t want it to be engraved, you can put tags on it (for bike connoisseurs?)
    4. d. Need consequences announced but not necessarily have to think about how to implement the consequences
    5. e. Try to have Policy Committee come out with a really comprehensive policy ? recommendation sent to ResLife
    6. f. Tom Forsberg: Have to have special key to put your bikes in the bike room – as long as you are registered, you will have the key to the bike room.
    7. g. When do we try to get the policy out? – by the end of this semester?
    8. h. What about the people who are studying abroad?

End of Meeting

Submitted by Srividya Kalyanaraman, Residential Council Secretary 2006-2007