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Residential Council Minutes :: November 07, 2006

Present: Alexander Dean, Peter Donnelly, Mark Fuller, Sri Kalyanaraman, Jimmy Kaplowitz, Allison Kwong, Katie Lamm, Damian Maldonado, Micheal Morgenstern, James Reed, Evan Stone, Chris Sunu, Laura Supkoff

Absent: Adam Axler, Justin Glavis-Bloom, Thea Hinkle

Guest: Thomas Forsberg

  1. Motion to excuse absences of Sri for asthma attack + the two sessions of class that are scheduled at 12 motion passed unanimously
  2. Recommendations to pass houses with no major issues and complete folders
    1. a. Review of these houses
    2. b. Meetings
      1. i. Much fewer meetings in house but have consequences for missing meetings --> quality over quantity
      2. ii. Smaller committee meetings
        1. 1. Side note: looking at program house guidelines
        2. 2. Changing form and guidelines
    3. c. Motion to pass all these houses with feedback --> Passes: 12 Abstain: 1
  3. Program House Review
    1. a. Community Service Events Requirement Interpretation
    2. b. Review of houses who need to be evaluated case-by-case on their issues
    3. c. Discussion of consequential measures for houses that do not follow rules
    4. d. Voting happens next week

End of Meeting

Submitted by Srividya Kalyanaraman, Residential Council Secretary 2006-2007