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Residential Council Minutes :: November 21, 2006

Present: Adam Axler, Alex Dean, Peter Donnelly, Justin Glavis-Bloom, Sri Kalyanaraman, Jimmy Kaplowitz, Allison Kwong, Katie Lamm, James Reed, Evan Stone, Chris Sunu

Absent: Mark Fuller, Thea Hinkle, Michael Morgenstern, Laura Supkoff

Guests: Tom Forsberg

  1. i. Program House Guidelines – House Meetings
    1. a. House must meet once per week --> Clarification on the guidelines: E-board vs. the whole house?
    2. b. House meetings are feasible
    3. c. Q: Make them take attendance? A: Attendance not important as much as show up
    4. d. Left up to the discretion of ResCouncil to decide attendance; quality of meetings over quantity.
    5. e. Give them numbers, what about like 80% of the time? Set a sort of high expectation so they can try and meet them
    6. f. E-board meets before house meetings?
    7. g. For some houses, weekly meetings will really help them
    8. h. House meetings help build cohesive nature of a house that isn’t naturally that way
    9. i. Shouldn’t required fixed number but rather than percentage
    10. j. 10 publicised meetings that “house” must attend
  2. ii. Program House Guidelines – Program House Council Attendance
    1. a. No requirement for attendance in Program House Council ? but Program House Council rules say attendance is mandatory
    2. b. Are their consequences for missing meetings?
    3. c. House can miss no more than one Program House Council or Greek House Council meetings
    4. d. What about they just stay “in good standing” with the councils?
    5. e. Greek Council operates differently than Program House Council
    6. f. Breakdown of rules
      1. i. Mandate that councils meet once per month (30ish day period)
      2. ii. Full participation?
      3. iii. Ask Councils to describe what good standing is
  3. iii. Program House Guidelines – Community Service Events
    1. a. Review of Community Service Guidelines
    2. b. Number of people involved in a small ongoing project?
    3. c. What about everyone in the house, at some point, does something?
    4. d. What does “community” means? What does “community service” means?
    5. e. Doesn’t matter who they’re serving per se, but that they’re serving
    6. f. House takes effort to organise this rather than just pre-existing participation of members in community activities
    7. g. People in the house being aware about the community service projects
    8. h. “Everyone” --> have at least one to two people that won’t participate. 75%? 50% 25%
    9. i. “On behalf of the house and as representatives of the House”
    10. j. Participating in pre-existing Brown programs as community service events acceptable or not?
    11. k. Want to make it less subjective
    12. l. Want event to be initiated by house and have certain numbers of the house involved
    13. m. Tom: some sort of community service is given back to the community
  4. iv. Not meeting on the 12th – meeting on the 28th and on the 5th
  5. v. Come with some guidelines for next semester
  6. vi. Elections next week for PH Chair

End of Meeting

Submitted by Srividya Kalyanaraman, Residential Council Secretary 2006-2007