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Residential Council Minutes :: February 06, 2007

Present: Adam Axler, Alexander Dean, Peter Donnelly, Mark Fuller, Thea Hinkle, Justin Glavis-Bloom, Sri Kalyanaraman, Jimmy Kaplowitz, Allison Kwong, Katie Lamm, Damian Maldonado, James Reed, Evan Stone, Chris Sunu, Laura Supkoff

Absent: NONE! :)

Guests: Tom Forsberg

  1. I. Portugese House? New Program Houses
    1. a. We do not have space to add a new program house
    2. b. We have a continuous application process – should this be better clarified?
    3. c. Katie: maybe we should let them know that we don’t have space, that way it’s not arbitrary
    4. d. Laura: Do a yearly review of space – have in guidelines that we’ll do it
    5. e. Rescouncil is currently not accepting applications due to space – put a disclaimer
  2. II. Lottery – First Pick Contest
    1. a. Mar 6 looks good for Super Deadline Day
    2. b. Waiting for ResLife to confirm deadlines
    3. c. Proposed to change lottery to two nights instead of three nights
    4. d. Dates we proposed have location difficulties
    5. e. Deadline for first pick is Feb 22nd at 5 PM
  3. III. How do we check up on list of recommendations?
  4. IV. Temperature in dorms
    1. a. Facilities will give thermometers to people to gauge temperature in rooms
    2. b. They are expected to be within a range --> 66-70
    3. c. Traditionally we haven’t taken into consideration members going abroad
  5. V. Some issues for future discussion:
    1. a. Discuss application for RPLs
    2. b. Soap in dorms – some bathrooms don’t have soap
    3. c. More common space for Wriston independents
    4. d. Hegeman 1st floor co-ed b/c fire escape issue not there
    5. e. The way commencement housing works, guests who want to stay over

End of Meeting

Submitted by Srividya Kalyanaraman, Residential Council Secretary 2006-2007