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Residential Council Minutes :: February 13, 2007

Present: Alexander Dean, Peter Donnelly, Mark Fuller, Justin Glavis-Bloom, Sri Kalyanaraman, Jimmy Kaplowitz, Allison Kwong, Katie Lamm, Damian Maldonado, James Reed, Evan Stone, Chris Sunu, Laura Supkoff

Absent: Adam Axler, Thea Hinkle

Guests: Tom Forsberg

  1. I. Program House Community Service Guidelines Amended
    1. a. Quality of event that is happening
    2. b. Specification of contact information (from a source outside the house)
    3. c. Specification of events both planned and prospective events
    4. d. Motion to pass the amendment. Passes Unanimously
  2. II. New Program House Space
    1. a. Amendment to put disclaimer that no more program house space left
    2. b. Motion to pass amendment. Passes Unanimously
  3. III. Lottery
    1. a. Apr 10 and Apr 12
    2. b. Deadline: Tuesday April 3
    3. c. 3 infosessions before SDD and 7 infosessions after SDD
    4. d. www.brown.edu/lottery
    5. e. Tableslips going out Wednesday
  4. IV. Sophomore-housing only
    1. a. Diman and Harkness suites to sophomores only?
    2. b. Thatís the trend thatís happening anyway
    3. c. Katie: Nice to ensure that space for sophomores; good for sophomores
    4. d. If thatís the way, then why artificially put it?
    5. e. Motion to make it sophomore only. For: 10 Against: 2 Abstain: 1
  5. V. Special Interest Housing (tangent)
    1. a. Email people to find out how it worked (location, community, etc.)
    2. b. Some people reject housing once they find out
  6. VI. All the recommendations for the RPL program
    1. a. Philosophy behind the RPL program and Implementation of the RPL program
    2. b. Free Food is the main reason to go
    3. c. Taking advantage of programs that are present in houses?
    4. d. RPLs should be there for the independents
    5. e. Building lecture cell halls in new buildings
    6. f. Just putting food in a room is a waste
    7. g. Building community, keeping people safe
    8. h. There has to be an activity

End of Meeting

Submitted by Srividya Kalyanaraman, Residential Council Secretary 2006-2007