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PRESENT: Alex Dean, Pete Donnelly, Mark Fuller, Damian Maldonado, Allison Kwong, James Reed, Laura Supkoff, Kyle Evans, Adam Axler, Albert Carter, Mannan Jalan, Scott Middleton

ABSENT: Michael Morgenstern

1. Need for new secretary.

a. Scott Middleton appointed and approved unanimously

2. The three committees break to meet individually.

a. Lottery Committee: Michael Morgenstern (chair), Scott Middleton, Allison Kwong, Laura Supkoff, Damian Maldonado

b. Policy Committee: James Reed (chair), Al Fuller, Adam Axler, Laura Supkoff

c. Program House Committee: Kyle Evans (chair), Mannan Jalan, Pete Donnelly, Mark Fuller

3. Motion to revise late policy.

a. Any appearance after 12:20 counts as an absense. Such an absense may be expunged with a valid excuse and the majority of votes present. Three absenses will continue to result in explusion from the council.

b. Motion passes unanimously