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PRESENT: Alex Dean, Pete Donnelly, Mark Fuller, Damian Maldonado, Allison Kwong, James Reed, Laura Supkoff, Kyle Evans, Adam Axler, Albert Carter, Mannan Jalan, Michael Morgenstern, Scott Middleton

1. Policy Committee Update

a. Issues for the year:

i. Heating isssues (when to begin, break policies)

ii. Temporary housing

iii. Soap in bathrooms

iv. Whiteboard Changing

v. Basement usage

b. RPL Survey revisions

i. To be distributed after Thanksgiving (no date set)

ii. Two new questions regarding social interaction and RPL social facilitation

2. Program House Committee Update

a. Program House Review Checklist issues

i. Should "additional requirements" become absolute to encourage fulfillment

ii. Should the Council appear more serious about failure

iii. Is 22 a reasonable member requirement

iv. Should community service and campus event regulations become more codified.

v. How can Review policy become more transparent

vi. How closely should ResLife be involved

b. Kyle motions to submit her version of the Program House Review forms with suitable grammar corrections for fall Program House Review. Motion passes uninanimously.

3. Meeting adjourned due to time constraints. Lottery Committee Update to be held at 10/9/2007 meeting.