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Residential Council Minutes :: October 30, 2007

Present: Alexander Dean, Mark Fuller, Damian Maldonado, James Reed, Laura Supkoff, Mike Morgenstern, Kyle Evans, Mannan Jalan, Scott Middleton, Al Carter

Absent: Adam Axler, Peter Donnelly, Allison Kwong

  1. I. Wriston Lounge Proposal-Should it be optional for program houses in Wriston
    1. a. Dean Forsberg would like information on whether weather-stripping would prevent windows from opening
    2. b. Proposal passes to communicate Wriston Lounge renovations as optional, should any houses want to opt out
    3. c. Kyle to inform heads of Greek houses at upcoming Greek meeting, James to e-mail heads of non-Greek program houses
  2. II. ResCouncil Applications
    1. a. Due to UCS by Wednesday November 7
    2. b. Steamlined application includes an essay of 300-600 words detailing interest
    3. c. Decision made that current members may be privy to the application process due to mid-semester timing
  3. III. Lottery
    1. a. Mike to talk to the OIP about moving their deadlines earlier
    2. b. Discussion of reading period/housing lottery conflict
    3. c. Discussion of how to communicate to study abroad students
    4. d. Change in deadlines could extend distance between lottery registration and Super Deadline Day, which could be an issue with Greek houses
    5. e. Change in deadlines could disincentivize some students from studying abroad
    6. f. Further discussion held off for more information from the OIP
  4. IV. Program House Review - Disciplinary Action
    1. a. Dean Forsberg says ResCouncil has never suggested any action against program houses failing review, but that Rich is willing to work with the council toward this end

End of Meeting