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Residential Council Minutes :: November 13, 2007
Present: Alexander Dean, Mark Fuller, Damian Maldonado, James Reed, Laura Supkoff, Mike Morgenstern, Kyle Evans, Mannan Jalan, Scott Middleton, Al Carter, Adam Axler, Peter Donnelly, Allison Kwong

  1. Alex’s report
    1. Meeting with ResLife to explain exactly how they run the lottery (how they pick numbers, how the waitlist works, etc.) scheduled for first meeting in spring
      1. To be followed up by a meeting regarding our role
    2. DPS to institute a bike policy to require all bikes to be registered or removed
  1. Lottery update
    1. First pick competition – talent show with carnival-esque atmosphere
      1. SPEC possibly to co-sponsor
    2. More of a fun atmosphere at actual lottery
      1. Star-spangled banner, costumes, themes
    3. Possibly extending lottery to three nights
      1. Is this more stressful for students and ResLife?
      2. Will this change help students make decisions more clearly?
      3. Mike to discuss with Natalie Basil
    4. OIP cannot give us official data on students studying abroad until long after we could use the information
      1. They can give us a tentative list of students going abroad to whom we can send an e-mail to these students reminding them that it’s morally offensive to knowingly enter the lottery and then go abroad
    5. Current lottery dates
      1. Super Deadline Day – March 4, Senior Number Posting – March 11, Lottery Application Due – April 8, April 15-17 – Housing Lottery (possibly including the 16th)
    6. Do seniors need to know their individual numbers?
      1. Mike will talk to Natalie Basil about value of this system
  1. Program House update
    1. 5:00-7:00 tonight: Review meeting
    2. Faculty Advisors
      1. Guidelines not valid – soon to be annulled and replaced as a recommendation to student life
      2. Motion to remove current three-page faculty advisor requirements for Program House Review to be replaced by next Review.  Motion passes. 
      3. Non-faculty advisors?  Alumni advisors?  Are these as effective as tenured faculty members with clout in the university?
    3. Committee in favor of a tiered punishment system with punishments for failure in three out of four semesters rather than three consecutive semesters

End of meeting.