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Residential Council Minutes - November 27, 2007

Attendance: Alex Dean, Pete Donnelly, Mark Fuller, Allison Kwong, James Reed, Kyle Evans, Albert Carter, Michael Morgenstern, Scott Middleton, Mannan Jalan, Adam Axler, Laura Supkoff

Absent: Damian Maldonado (expunged)

  1. Motion to expunge Damian's absence -  Motion passes.
  2. Policy Update
    1. Wriston Windows
      1. Al met with ResLife and the lead carpenter
      2. Service order is in - lounges to be fixed over Winter Break
    2. Petition to Increase Visibility of Residence Hall Bulletin Boards
      1. Look into ways to increase number of bulletin boards in residence halls
      2. Enlist assistance of RPLs to update bulletin boards and encourage their use
      3. Motion to approve petition - motion passes unanimously
    3. RPL Evaluation Draft
      1. To be filled out by CD's to provide feedback to RPLs
      2. Motion to pass the draft - motion passes unanimously
  3. Review Committee Update
    1. Recommendations for fall review - Closed Meeting
  4. Lottery Discussion
    1. Mike advocates expanding to three nights rather than two - ResLife is open to either option
    2. Motion to expand lottery to three nights - Motion passes unanimously