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Residential Council Minutes :: December 4, 2007

Present: Alexander Dean, Mark Fuller, Damian Maldonado, James Reed, Laura Supkoff, Mike Morgenstern, Kyle Evans, Scott Middleton, Al Carter, Adam Axler, Peter Donnelly

Absent: Allison Kwong, Mannan Jalan

  1. I. Sub-Committee Attendance Discussion
    1. a. Should the three committees have uniform requirements across the board?
    2. b. Should discretion be given to committee chairs?
    3. c. Alex to meet with committee chairs to draft an attendance policy for January meeting
  2. II. Lottery first-pick competition
    1. a. Lottery Committee plans to hold competition on Thursday February 7
        • Talent show open 8:00 to 10:30
        • Various acts from 10:30 while judges deliberate
        • Celebrity judges – Dean Bova, Ratty Gail, Ratty Jose, Adam Suzan
        • Games – m&m toss, carnival games, etc.
        • Information booths
        • Budget - $100 for event plus media, food, and room
        • At least 11 staff members required
      1. b. Motion to support creation and organization of this event - motion passes unanimously
    2. III. Program House Update
      1. a. Greek and Program Houses are renting out their common spaces to student groups for a profit - discussion:
        • Should ResCouncil discourage this action?
            • This may reflect a lack of University meeting space, but should Program Houses be profiting from this shortcoming?
            • Common spaces are University property, not Program House property
            • Is there a difference between renting rooms for parties rather than meetings?  If something gets broken is there a liability issue?
            • Maybe student groups should pay the facilities fee to clean the rented space rather directly pay the Program House
            • Would any enforcement of a new prohibitive rule prevent student groups from throwing parties?
            • An unofficial straw poll reveals that ResCouncil approves of an action to discourage houses from renting rooms to student groups - with the possible exclusion of parties

        End of Meeting