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Residential Council Minutes :: 2/5/08

Attendance: Alex Dean, Adam Axler, Mark Fuller, Greg Anderson, Scott Middleton, Mike Morgenstern, Mannan Jalan, Chriss Sunu, James Reed, Adam Lewin

Absent: Megan Petrollia, Kyle Evans

Guest: Dean Forsberg

  1. Adam and Scott’s absences from 1/29 meeting excused
  2. Kyle steps down as Program Review Chair: replacement to be chosen next week
  3. Dean Bova to attend 3/11 meeting for Q & A
  4. Lottery Policy
    1. Senior numbers – should individual numbers be revealed?
      1. Lottery committee has decided that this practice is more of a burden than a privilege
      2. Does it make rising seniors better prepared for lottery?
      3. This practice originally helped seniors decide whether to live off campus, but under new housing system is it relevant?
      4. Seniors should consider primarily who they want to live with rather than where they would like to live
      5. Motion to postpone discussion one week to get a sense of rising seniors’ feelings – Motion passes
  5. First Pick Competition
    1. Thursday 21, 8-11 p.m.
    2. Door prizes to increase attendance – four raffle prizes of ascending value
      1. Prizes to include: five minutes of calling numbers during the lottery, second-pick, or top number in your class
      2. Is second pick option is overall simpler, less objectionable?
      3. Should second pick option be limited to a small group to prevent a large loss of desirable housing?
      4. Motion to allow a prize in the first pick competition for somebody to win first pick of his or her class year with up to seven other people (meaning first pick of groups composed purely of that class year). – Motion passes unanimously
  6. Squatting Proposal
    1. Dean Bova proposes a list of rooms that cannot be squatted.  This list includes the unique and desirable housing in Keeney, Wriston, and various other places. 
    2. We could extend the right to squat to rising juniors, which would increase squatting and decrease the volume of lottery participants.
    3. The restriction on non-squattable rooms will be posted on ResLife’s website.  These restrictions will prevent one room from being handed down for years without being entered into the lottery.
    4. Squatting is currently rare, but could become more popular if proposal passes.


End of Meeting