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Residential Council Minutes :: February 12, 2008

Present: Alex Dean, Mark Fuller, James Reed, Laura Supkoff, Mike Morgenstern, Kyle Evans, Mannan Jalan, Scott Middleton, Greg Anderson, Megan Petrollia, Adam Lewin, Adam Axler

Absent: Chriss Sunu

  1. I. Need for new Program House Committee Chair
    1. a. Discussion of responsibilities
    2. b. Kyle nominates Mark, Mark accepts
    3. c. Mark is unanimously approved - Adam Axler abstains out of spite
  2. II. February 19 Meeting
    1. a. Should it be held despite long weekend
    2. b. Important issues to discuss include First Pick
    3. c. Meeting to be held with absenses of Mannan, Adam Axler, Mark, and Jill expunged
  3. III. First Pick Competition Details
    1. a. First Pick in class year prize has been approved
    2. b. iPod or equivalent prize also to be offered
    3. c. Musical acts to interlude, Adam Axler to host; skits, games, and fun
    4. d. All ResCouncil members to sign up for shifts
  4. IV. Lottery policy
    1. a. Motion to propse to ResLife that senior priority numbers not be posted - Motion fails
    2. b. UCS poll to be created to acquire feelings of student body regarding this issue. Issue to be revisited with more information available, possibly next year.
    3. c. Squatting proposal - squatting rights to be extended to rising juniors with the caveat that squatted rooms must have been received through the lottery (i.e. not First Pick, DSS, waitlist).
    4. d. Motion to approve squatting proposal allowing rising juniors to squat under the rules currently applied to rising seniors (i.e. 51% of suite/roommates must be returning) - Motion passes unanimously
    5. e. Motion to restrict squatting to exclude the following housing: Sophomore-only, Morris suites, Wriston suites, Miller Apt., and Grad Center Apt. as recommended by Dean Bova - Motion passes
    6. Motion to limit the number of times that a room can be squatted - Motion fails. ResCouncil to return to issue if "inheritance" of rooms becomes problematic in the future.

End of Meeting