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Residential Counci Minutes :: 2/26/07

Attendance: James Reed, Greg Anderson, Jillian, Scott Middleton, Mannan Jalan, Laura Supkoff, Adam Lewin, Mark Fuller, Mannan Jalan, Criss Sunu

  1. Alex ill, James to lead meeting
  2. Election of new Lottery Chair, not enough members to vote
  3. First-Pick Competition Recap and Discussion
    1. Winning video too long?
    2. Not very many acts
    3. Could have been more widely publicized, i.e. table slips
    4. Better publicity than strictly video competition?
      1. ResLife slow to act, detrimental to planning process
    5. Flaws could be attributed to novelty of event
    6. Should we tape live acts and post them all on the website next year?
    7. Should we return to video competition
      1. Videos have generally positive feedback
      2. Online posts reach a larger audience
      3. More fun?
      4. We could still distribute information about the lottery on the video website
      5. Goal of live competition not fulfilled: three students approached info table
  4. RPL Survey
    1. Dean Bova has approved the recommendations of the survey
    2. Turnout very low: if survey repeated next year it should be more aggressively promoted and administered earlier
    3. Recommendations aim to increase numbers and visibility of RPLs, particularly CAs
    4. At least 10 new RPLs to be hired to affect C to student ratio


End of Meeting