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Residential Council::March 4, 2008

Attendance: Alex Dean, Adam Axler, Adam Lewin, Scott Middleton, Laura Supkoff, Chriss Sunu, James Reed, Greg Anderson, Jill Robinson, Megan Petrollia, Mannan Jalan

Absent: Kyle Evans

  1. Dean Bova to come to March 11 meeting to answer questions nd address issues
  2. Laura elected as new Lottery Chair
    1. Need for sign-ups for tours and info sessions
    2. Will housing be gender neutral? ResLife decision is still up in the air
    3. Tours: March 15 and 16 on both Main and Pembroke Campus

      3. Program House Review
    1. Will be conducted differently this year
      1. Dean Bova will conduct information for ResCouncil this year
        1. Outsourcing data collection to make task easier for Program House Chair
      2. What information do we need?
      3. What information do Greek and Program House Councils think we need?
    2. Review Reform Discussion
      1. Should houses rate other Program Houses through some sort of survey?  Probably not, due to competition and/or solidarity.
      2. Independents should probably be included in review process
        1. Could be included in ResCouncil or UCS poll
        2. Would seek new sources of opinion on Greek and Program Houses
    • New Program Houses
      • Currently no place for new houses, yet every year we receive applications for them
      • ResLife has no current plans to make housing ADA compliant (requisite for Program Houses), so
      • Should ResCouncil make a formal recommendation to ResLife for more handicap-accessible housing for Program Houses (and the other obvious reasons)?
      1. Would such an ambitious recommendation really influence ResLife?  Probably not
      2. Unique housing opportunities need to be handicap-accessible, so Program Houses need to residential in focus
      • Music Program House
        • Something that could probably do OK in the middle of Olney (the only available Program House space)
        • But a Program House couldn’t expand into a Class B house in that limited space
        • Is this an activity that requires a house?  Is it residential in nature and not just a club?
        1. Beyond this concern, Program Houses can be valuable as community-building
        • Specifically a Music House would benefit the student body as a whole by consolidating noise and disruption.