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Residential Council::April 1, 2008

Attendance: Alex Dean, Laura Supkoff, Mark Fuller, Adam Lewin, Adam Axler, James Reed, Scott Middleton, Greg Anderson, Jill Robinson, Megan Petrollia, Christine Sunu

Absent: Mannan Jalan

  1. Lottery Information
    1. April 7 and 9: ResCouncil to congregate at 5:00 in North Wayland, actual Lottery to start at 6:00 in MacMillian 117
    2. To solve issue of overcrowding, people will not be allowed into the room unless their numbers are in the next 100.
      1. Lobby will be available for lottery information
    3. Campus-wide e-mail reminder to be sent at the end of the week
    4. Laura to contact the BDH about the 100 number limitation
    5. How many groups should go the first night?
      1. Should juniors and seniors go on Monday, sophomores on Wednesday?
      2. This would make sense given that many seniors live of off campus and sophomores hesitate and take longer picking numbers
    6. Everyone needs to have a contract signed, ResCouncil members should remind students of this


2. ResCouncil Schedule

    1. Dean Klawunn to come speak with the Council about the Committee on the Residential Experience, possibly on April 15
    2. April 29-final meeting
      1. Election meeting, new chair, committee chairs, and secretary
    3. Reformatting of Program House Review
    • Currently, sanctions taken by Dean Bova tend to not become public knowledge
    • Dean Bova has asked if ResCouncil would like to have some role of judgment or arbitration in resolving issues with Program Houses
    • Discussion
      • Should this role be optional, not mandatory?
      • ResCouncil should be a liaison, not a judicial, punitive body
      • Dealing directly with consequences, rather than advising ResLife at the policy level, could make ResCouncil’s role too judgemental
      • Confidentiality would likely become an issue
      • Objectivity could also become difficult, many Council members are also in Program Houses
      • But ResCouncil already is a sort of punitive body, so would this be a major change?
      • How would this new role fit in with the existing process of review? Are we separating two things that are actually one?
      • ResCouncil is not only a liaison to Program Houses, but also the general student body, which is much larger.  Study body input could be an important role for ResCouncil.
      • We would likely need some criteria for what sort of cases come to the Council for review.
      • Council could present suggestions to ResLife, which would then be responsible for its own decisions.  This would allow an open forum and student input, while allowing ResLife to hold the decision-making power.
      • Do we have issues with how ResLife handles these issues currently?  Is there need for a major procedural overhaul.
      • Maybe ResCouncil should seek input from the student body on this issue
      • Discussion to continue at the April 8 meeting