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Residential Council Minutes :: September 30, 2008

Present: James Reed (Chair), Greg Anderson (Policy Chair), Mark Fuller (Program House Chair), Ben Lowell (Lottery Chair), Jillian Robbins (Secretary), Sophie Asher, EJ Chung, Paige Hicks, Chaz Kelsh, Adam Lewin, Mike Sokolovsky, Christine Sunu, Jane Zhang

Absent: Al Carter (excused), Jerry Cedrone (excused), Mannan Jalan

Guests: Dean Tom Forsberg


  • Natalie Basil will be coming to our meeting, next Tuesday, October 7, 2008, to speak about results found by the Committee on Residential Experience, changes to the CD program, and the RPL program.


  1. Mark will discuss the Program House Committee's progress in Program House Review guidelines
  2. Greg will discuss three proposals drafted by the Policy Committee

1. Program House Review:

  1. We need to define campus-wide events and community service events
    1. What is a campus-wide event?
    2. What is a community service event?
    3. What sort of participation from house members do we require?
    4. What qualifies as a good community service event/good program to participate in?
    5. Do members have to perform community service or can they host an event and give the proceeds to charity?
    6. Do all members participate in one event? Is this feasible?
    7. Should all members of a house be required to do community service?
    8. Is community service a responsibility of the house or of the individual members?
    9. Should community service be involved in the pledging or recruitment process?
    10. Should houses internally punish members who do not participate? Or is it ResCouncil's job to create a policy concerning each member's participation?
    11. Should we ask for a list of house members and what community service event they participated in? Then, for spring review, we can evaluate member participation in community service events and see if  we need to define individual requirements to prevent people from "freeloading" off of the work of others

As of now:
- Each house must perform two community service events. Of the two events, a house must host at least one independently. The other can be co-hosted with another house or can be also hosted independently. 

We will propose that if a community service event raises money for charity, the house can recoup expenses that can be proved by receipts, but the rest of the money collected must go to charity - the house cannot profit from hosting a charity event.


2. Policy Committee Proposals:


  • Should we propose a 'deposit' system instead of a 'buyback' system for set-top boxes?
  • The fifth clause will read: "Add programming to the IPTV lineup in order to offset the negative reaction of the student body"
  • Motion proposed and passed: 8 - 2

Bike Rack Proposal:

  • Attempting to create a system to remove the bad, unused bikes, but keep the bikes people use
  • Will give people warning to move their bikes - Facilities will remove any remaining bikes - this event will be well publicized
  • Bike registration on campus will become mandatory this year
  • Motion passes unanimously

End of Meeting

Submitted by Jillian Robbins, Residential Council Secretary 2008-2009