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Residential Council Minutes :: November 18, 2008

Present: James Reed (Chair), Greg Anderson (Policy Chair), Mark Fuller (Program House Chair), Ben Lowell (Lottery Chair), Jillian Robbins (Secretary), Sophie Asher, Jerry Cedrone, Paige Hicks, Chaz Kelsh, Adam Lewin, Mike Sokolovsky

Absent: Al Carter, EJ Chung (excused), Mannan Jalan (excused), Christine Sunu (excused), Jane Zhang

Guests: Dean Tom Forsberg

Lounge Use Policy Committee Update:

  • Greg and Adam have been participating on a committee (as representatives of ResCouncil) that discusses lounge use
  • the committee was formed, in part, due to issues that arose after a Super Bowl party that occurred last winter
  • how does the event registration process work at Brown? what are the guidelines? what issues arise with lounge use?
  • the committee has yet to form final recommendations, but their next meeting is December 1st, and they are hoping to reach conclusions then
  • they are looking to come up with more specific guidelines as to what defines an 'event' at Brown
  • factors the committee is considering:
    • to what extent was the event premeditated?
    • is alcohol being served?
    • how many members from the house will be at this event?
  • should there be a definition for an informal event? what should this definition be?
    • active service of alcohol versus the passive presence of alcohol
  • what should and should not be allowed to occur in lounge spaces?
  • the existing policy: any event expected to have more than 100 people or any event that will be serving alcohol must be registered with the SAO
  • Class F - a designation by the state - need a temporary liscense to sell alcohol
    • after SexPowerGod of 2005, the university has required that houses looking to throw parties register for a Class F liscense and strongly encourages houses to require payment for drinks
      • if you charge students per drink, the thought process is that students will be more aware of how much they are drinking
  • according to current event registration rules, a 'cocktail' is an event that can be hosted by any student group
    • at a cocktail, a guest list must be submitted to the SAO, and only those on the list are allowed to enter the party
    • a cocktail cannot be advertised
  • this committee is looking to create a definition of an informal event
    • the event will not have to be formally registered
    • however, there will be a quick informal notification system, where the house could fill out a simple form any time before the event occurs, notifying DPS, the SAO, and Facilities
      • this is meant as a courtesy, but is not a formal registration
  • technically, 10 frat brothers watching a football game with friends in their house's lounge drinking beer should be a registered event

Lottery Committee Update:

  • On March 10, ResLife will host a "roommate social" where those who are looking for a roommate/a group to enter the housing lottery with can come and mingle 

End of Meeting

Submitted by Jillian Robbins, Residential Council Secretary 2008-2009