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Residential Council Minutes :: September 15, 2009


Present: Ben Lowell (Chair), Andrew Tran (Policy Chair), Rachel Kahn (Program House Chair), Jillian Robbins (Lottery Chair), Courtney Mannino (Secretary), Greg Anderson, Sam Barney, Jerry Cedrone, EJ Chung, Evan Holownia, Sara Slama, Sara Sunshine, James Williams, Jane Zhang

Guests: Dean Bova, Natalie Basil, Jenna Sousa

  1. Introduction by Natalie Basil
  • Works with RPL Program
  • Works with Jenna for housing (Jillian, Lottery chair)
  • Works with Jenna for program housing
  1. Introduction by Jenna Sousa
    • Housing Coordinator
    • Works with Greek and Program Housing
    • Also works with general housing placement
  1. Introduction by 3 chairs
  • Andrew, Policy Chair
  • Jillian, Lottery Chair
  • Rachel, Program House Chair
  1. Introduction by each council member
  2. Separate into committees to get to know each other, set times for meetings (essentially where we do most of the work)
    • Lottery
    • Policy: how we as residents experience residential living
    • Program House: really need to talk about as a whole; do program house review (are houses meeting certain requirements?)
      • How can we as a group and ResLife support Program Housing on campus?
      • Sara, Sarah and Greg will be on Policy Committee (Andrew)
      • Evan and James will be on Program Housing Committee (Rachel)
      • Jerry, Sam, Courtney and EJ will be on Lottery Committee (Jillian)


        End of meeting.

        Submitted by Courtney Mannino, Residential Council Secretary, Fall 2009.