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Residential Council Minutes :: October 13, 2009


Present: Ben Lowell (Chair), Andrew Tran (Policy Chair), Rachel Kahn (Program House Chair), Jillian Robbins (Lottery Chair), Courtney Mannino (Secretary), Greg Anderson, Jerry Cedrone, EJ Chung, Evan Holownia, Sara Slama, Sara Sunshine, James Williams

Absent: Sam Barney (unexcused)

Guests: Tom Forsberg


Today we are going to discuss the survey (emailed to members last night) and regional card access.

Regional Card Access:
Regional card access now is based off region/semester level:

  • Keeney and Perkins
  • Littlefield, Hope, Wayland
  • Emery, Woolley, Morris, Champlin, New Pembroke 3 and 4
  • Andrews and Metcalf
  • New Dorm and Grad Center
  • Hegeman, Caswell and Slater
  • Minden by itself
  • All Wriston buildings, except Wayland, are by themselves
  • Young Os all linked to each other
  • Barbour by itself


Policy committee wants to redo the grouping system - connect Andrews with the rest of Pembroke campus and grant Perkins residents access to other main campus freshmen dormitories (Littlefield, Wayland, Hope).

There is a limitation on the number of cards each reader can accept.
This creates a problem when linking buildings together by larger regions (Pembroke, East Campus, Wriston, etc.)

If we have to make a distinction, we should consider freshmen versus non-freshmen (if ResLife is going to make a change, they probably want to ensure that freshmen are taken care of, as opposed to specific distinctions between Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors).

If system can handle it, why not link all of Pembroke together?
What about linking Hegeman, Caswell, Slater circuit with the New Dorm and Grad Center circuit?

  • This links Sophomores to Seniors

What about linking Barbour and Minden together?

What about breaking New Dorm and Grad Center linkage and connecting New Dorm with Young Orchard?

  • Now we can connect Grad Center with Hegeman, Caswell and Slater circuit.

What is wrong with the current card regions and how can we fix it?

New proposal for grouping:
Group 1: Andrews, Metcalf, NP 3 and 4, Emery, Woolley, Morris, Champlin
Group 2: Keeney
Group 3: Perkins, Littlefield, Hope, Wayland
Group 4: Hegeman, Caswell, New Dorm, Grad Center, Slater
Group 5: Minden, Young Orchard, Barbour
Group 6: NP 1 and 2

What about keeping Perkins people linked to Keeney?
What about switching New Dorm and Minden?
Should Minden stay with Young Orchard and Barbour or move to Hegeman, Caswell, Slater circuit?
What about Hegeman, Caswell, Minden and Young Orchard, Barbour?

ResCouncil suggests that ResLife restructure regional card access as follows:
Group 1: Andrews, Metcalf, NP 3 and 4, Emery, Woolley, Morris, Champlin
Group 2: Keeney and Perkins
Group 3: Littlefield, Hope, Wayland
Group 4: Hegeman, Caswell, Grad Center, Slater
Group 5: Minden, Young Orchard, Barbour, New Dorm
Group 6: NP 1 and 2

Motion passes 11 - 0.
*All program and Greek houses on Wriston are still unlinked, as are West House, Plantations House and King House.


ResCouncil members are appointed (not elected) so we want to ensure that we are really collecting the interests of the student body.
What should we use as an incentive for completing the survey?

  • Top lottery number (other than first pick)?
  • Spring Weekend tickets?
      • In order to do this we must talk to Brown Concert Agency

The survey will be posted on myCourses and will be formatted appropriately.

Do we approve this survey?
Motion passes 10 - 0 with one abstaining.
This survey will be taken to ResLife and will be edited.


End meeting.

Submitted by Courtney Mannino, Residential Council Secretary, Fall 2009.