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Residential Council Minutes :: November 17, 2009


Present: Ben Lowell (Chair), Rachel Kahn (Program House Chair), Jillian Robbins (Lottery Chair), Courtney Mannino (Secretary), Sam Barney, Jerry Cedrone, Evan Holownia, Sara Sunshine

Tardy: Sara Slama, Andrew Tran (Policy Chair), James Williams

Absent: Greg Anderson (unexcused), EJ Chung (excused)


What do we think about placing cameras outside of dorm entrances?
Dorm safety has been a concern within the last year and maybe cameras would make dorms safer so public safety officers might be able to identify perpetrators via cameras if a crime does occur.
What would other students think of the installation of cameras?
The question seems to be if the council agrees that safety can be improved in Residence Halls, what can we suggest, as a council, that ResLife do regarding this issue?
How can we influence a change in the way students think about dorm safety?
Safety can take many forms - bathroom doors with code keys, cameras, and more security staff outside of dorms.
Providence is a safe city, but a city nonetheless.
Can Brown students be overly trusting or naive at times?

ResLife has been involved in an ongoing discussion with DPS about laptop theft. They want to initiate a campaign next year reminding students that locking doors is the best defense against laptop theft.
What do we think about placing decals on the back of doors in rooms reminding students to lock their doors?
Maybe ResCouncil can connect with the Security Advisory Committee to help launch this campaign.

Update from Lottery Committee:
Lottery committee is hosting an information session for students going abroad in the Spring Semester and how they are able to enter Housing Lottery for the following school year.
Thursday, Solomon 202 at 7:30PM.

Update from Policy Committee:
A proposal draft to alter common room fee pricing has been presented.
Potential Concerns: What if a student is placed into a room via the summer assignment process and has to pay extra fees due to a common room or extra amenities?
This proposal has the potential to change the dynamics of the Housing Lottery - what if students have more trouble forming groups because of cost?

ResLife has certainly acknowledged the fact that some rooms cost more to maintain than others - does this model reflect what people are willing to pay and the quality of rooms across campus?
This is likely to increase stress during Housing Lottery - which is opposite of what ResLife wants.

2 Issues with Current Rates:
1) People don't think they should have to pay a suite rate.
2) It's odd that New Dorm and Young Orchard residents pay the same rate when some students agree that some dorms are nicer than other.

The question has now become if we, as a Council, recommend sending this proposal to ResLife.
The next time we meet we can decide whether we like this model or not.
Additional Consideration: How do financial aid recipients fit into this multi-tiered model?

Next week, there will be no meeting because of Thanksgiving.
The week after is the last Tuesday before reading period, which will be out last meeting of the semester.


End meeting.

Submitted by Courtney Mannino, Residential Council Secretary, Fall 2009.