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Residential Council Minutes: November 8, 2010

OSL Conference Room

Present: Kristina von Gerichten, Cody Shulman, Evan Holownia, Chaz Kelsh, Emily Gould, Andrew Tran, Sara Sunshine, Brandon Broome, Courtney Mannino

Absent: Sam Barney (on leave), Nara Shin, Travis Spangler, Jerry Cedrone, Sophie Asher

Meeting began at 12:05 pm

I. LaundryView: Laundry Monitoring service - Chris Collins, UCS, presentation

-Aims to remedy difficulties with locating a machine, retrieing laundry, and maintaining machines

-Would be interested if cost were not a factor and it were not a trade-off between other residential improvements

-Number of machines is a function of number of students who have access to machines

-Is it worth it to pay more per load to have this? Probably - or could increase annual residential fee about $2

-Maybe should focus on select laundry rooms like Keeney, Andrews, Grad Center

-Might be better to test it in a freshman dorm, or in a dorm where the laundry rooms are far away from many people

II. Discussing proposal for appointing members

-Would preferably end prior to spring break, to enable more hands in the lottery process. David met with UCS - e-board dislikes idea of self-appointed committee. Feels it is important to have re-application process every two-years for returning members. Could incorporate joint input, with one or two representatives sitting in on interviewss and composing criteria for the interviewing committee.

-We would like to run the applications process, setting dates and publicizing.

Meeting adjourned at 12:55 pm

Submitted by Emily Gould, Residential Council Secretary, '10-'11