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Residential Council Minutes: November 16, 2010

South Wayland Lounge

Present: Kristina von Gerichten, Cody Shulman, Evan Holownia, Chaz Kelsh, Emily Gould, Brandon Broome, Courtney Mannino, Jerry Cedrone, Sara Sunshine

Absent: Sam Barney (on leave), Nara Shin, Travis Spangler, Sophie Asher, Andrew Tran

Meeting began at 12:10 pm

  • Program Houses
  • Interfaith house – does it make sense to renew? Need 22 members to be a program house. Currently at ~10. Could be a lottery group/activity group.
  • Will hold discussion, but communication has been a problem. Has been interest in new Greek house/program house that could take the space.
  • Motion: recommend that Interfaith house no longer be granted access to space in Diamon in upcoming academic year. Designate the spaces as sophomore-only housing in the upcoming academic year, and dedicate the space as a new program house in the 2012-2013 school year. Unanimously voted in favor of this proposal.

2. Lottery
- Will check with Jenna about dates of lottery, due to complications with Passover/Spring Weekend
- To do: finalize dates, housing/Greek fair publicity (in Kasper multipurpose room), finish housing brochure before Winter Break. Poster, email.
- Discuss logistics of the first-pick raffle

3. Policy

  • Remaining issues of interviews, report from UCS: own advertising is fine, can have members sit in on interview process to offer suggestions and ask questions. Issue with 2-year terms includes going abroad – technically cannot be part of a committee.
  • Would have campus life committee of USC and a few/couple of Res Council members would ask questions but not vote.
  • Must put it into code to ensure continuity
  • 2 options: write up proposal as we have discussed and have it ratified by UCS, or obtain 600 signatures and 2/3 majority referendum to amend UCS constitution.

4. Richard Hilton

  • First meeting after Thanksgiving break – architects to show final draft of floorplan and discuss.


Meeting adjourned at 12:44 pm

Submitted by Emily Gould, Residential Council Secretary, '10-'11