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Residential Council Minutes :: February 1, 2011

OSL Conference Room

Present: Andrew Tran, Cody Schulman, Emily Gould, Travis Spangler, Sara Sunshine, Nara Shin, Courtney Mannino, Sophie Asher, Jerry Cedrone, Sam Barney, Daniel Hyman, Kristina von Gerichten

Absent: None

Meeting began at 12:10 pm

New Committee Assignments for Spring 2011:

Policy - Nara, Sophie, Courtney
Lottery - Travis, Emily, Sam, Sara
Program - Danny, Evan

1. Discussed lottery infosessions

2. Discussed appointments process and dissolution of Interfaith House

3. Issues:
- Bears Lair deteriorating
- Ways to improve First Pick for next year

4. Next Meeting: Tuesday, February 8 at noon in South Wayland Lounge

Meeting adjourned - 12:50 PM

Submitted by Emily Gould, Residential Council Secretary, 2010-2011