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Sam, Travis, Michelle, Emily, Kaylyn, Susan, Kristina, Cody, Maggie, Brandon, Michael, Jeff


Closed the Saunders inn on August 7th- renovated, added new furniture and reopened on august 18th.

  • Students are so far very new happy with the 24 new rooms with new furniture
  • Part of the organization review efforts and the ways to increase the on campus housing options.
  • Step 2- 315 Thayer street apartment conversion into on campus housing: 60 beds, 52 are in a suite with private bathrooms, kitchens
    • The remaining are singles and are at a lower rate
    • That leaves new housing access for people who cant afford it
    • Efforts scheduled to begin in November with goals to being done in early august and so can be available in fall 2012
    • Step 3- movement of office into Grad Center E after renovations in November

Students are so far very new happy with the 24 new rooms with new furniture Step 3- movement of office into Grad Center E after renovations in November

Want to change the number of second and third years that are stuck between first years
Discussing the cohesive factor on campus, and want to increase the cohesive nature of the housing

  • Therefore, create centralized housing for first years- Keeney and Pembroke
  • Make miller and Metcalf into doubles
  • Emery/ wooley/morris/champim- covert all singles into doubles

Goal- if we can increase the number of doubles, we can get out of using Wayland, little field and Perkins for first years

  • Therefore leaves the rest of campus as upperclassmen housing, therefore making it more cohesive
  • Wriston and main campus more catered to sophomores
  • Miller will not reopen in the fall due to renovations.
  • Perkins- convert doubles into singles for Grad students.
  • Closing of Metcafe spring semester- therefore need to think of a plan to convince people to live there for only one semester.

Renovate the overly large hallways in Minden and the terrible bathrooms
Junior Housing
Want to make all juniors feel like they can all have housing
            Increasing housing option
            Suites with a bathroom (4-6 living arrangements become 2-5)
            Get elevators
            Open up stairwells to have more light
Sophomore housing issue
People are less happy about the non-cohesiveness of units compared to freshman year
            Highest spot for vandalism
Proposal for small communities in keenly to promote closeness and decrease in vandalism

Proposed turning Perkins into professor offices.
However, Perkins lies inside the institutional codes lines and therefore must be used only for housing for the sake of money.

Many factors
            Economy and funding efforts might stifle plans

Public news (News that we can talk about to peers)
            Miller/ Pembroke/ 315 Thayer street/ Wayland

Things to think about
            Miller/ Metcalf solution? (Metcalf will be closed from January and Miller will open in January, but Metcalf has singles and Miller has doubles)


Things to do

  • New program house application
  • Increase visibility of Res Council