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Residential Council Meeting Minutes

Minutes on the meeting 10/25/2011
Time: 12pm
Location: Wayland Lounge
Attendance: Kaylyn Shibata, Michelle Frea, Susan Trihn, Andy, Steven, Michael Snider, Emily Gould, Peter, Jeff Chen, Kristina von Gerichten, Sam Barney, Gillian Michaelson, Lily, Maggie, Cody Schulman, Travis Spangler


Topics of discussion:
            Community Survey
            Tech House
            Program house application and advertisement
            BDH to print article about the improved accessibility of rescouncil

Agreed Upon Actions:
            Person Responsible: Andy
Deadline: super deadline, march 8th

Person responsible: Emily
Deadline: This week!

Distributed Materials:
            Survey will be available for viewing
Follow Up Meeting: 11/1
            Agenda: Sign up for table slipping and posturing!
Special Notes:

Meeting Adjourned- 12:40 pm

Submitted by Kaylyn Shibata, Residential Council Secretary 2011- 2012