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Residential Council Weekly Meeting

Minutes on the meeting 8/06/2012
Time: 12:00 pm
Location: South Wayland Lounge

Attendance: Kaylyn Shibata, Michelle Frea, Andy Chang, Peter Johnson, Sam Barney, Travis Spangler, Jeff Chen, Gillian Michaelson, Michael Snider, Susan Trinh, Lily Chan, Nick Sinnott-Armstrong
Absent: Steven Tran, Emily Gould, Kristina von Gerichten, Maggie Tennis, Cody Schulman

Topics of discussion:
            Suite Dating (Arnold Lounge 7pm March 13th)- Distribution of flyers
            Program Housing:
Art House Program house: they are struggling on numbers again this year. There is a possibility they will be disbanded next year.
Sigma Chi and Delta Tao Program housing want to expand the number of rooms for their members. How many independents should we give housing to?
Super Deadline This Thursday!

Agreed Upon Actions:
            All members must pin up flyers throughout campus  
            Sign up for table slipping

Distributed Materials:
             Suite Dating posters

Follow Up Meeting: 2/7
            Program House Topics

Special Notes:
Meeting Adjourned- 12:45 pm

Submitted by Kaylyn Shibata, Residential Council Secretary 2011- 2012