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Residential Council Weekly Meeting

Minutes on the meeting 9/24/2013
Time: 12:00 pm
Location: Grad Center E

Tom Forsberg: reconfigured housing, and brought posters of recent renovations


- Tried to make sure that the sophomores wouldn't feel like they were thrown into first year housing

- Opened with all but 40 being in double and eliminated triples and quads

- First Summer:

a. Changed bedroom furniture

b. 2 elevators added in Archibald/Johnson and Jameson (try to make those the primary entrance) - can make arrangements for those who need elevators

- Second Summer:

a. Redid bathrooms (single user/general neutral) and lounges

b. Corridors were redone and more energy efficient lighting added

c. Each house has a bike/laundry room/kitchen/magnet lounge

*You can only get into your house at Keeney - no universal swipe (but all Keeney residents have access to Keeney gym)

- There's a generator needed in case of emergency (like natural disasters) - still need to incorporate back up generators/know where to house people if they can't go home in emergencies (there are generators in Gregorian Quad, Andrews and several others (depends on size - ex: Hope doesn't have one))

- Exit Signs: Broken Exit signs due to random people going through the hallways (assumed that no one lived near where Exit signs were broken); stops flow of traffic; new design for exit signs (harder to knock them down)


- Wanted RPLs to be housed more with unit


- Only some of the rooms have been renovated, and some rooms haven't been renovated in 10 years

- Bathroom shower floors were ALL redone, and medicine cabinets were ALL replaced


- Andrews/Miler/Metcalf/Keeney/Wayland = first year housing and try to have extraneous non-unit people housed with them

- Currently pulling together a list of who has access to what (like Pembroke or Pembroke+Andrews)