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Residential Council Weekly Meeting

Minutes on the meeting 10/22/2013
Time: 12:00 pm
Location: Grad Center E

- 2 representatives from Spanish House and 2 from French House came to speak

Spanish House:

- Addressed problems with current situation: hygiene, 15 people off meal plan; 33 members (40% of Machado is in Spanish House)

- Room on 4th floor old house (currently a storage room)

4th Floor Lounge Privatized

- Unanimous vote of approval

- Will come back in May to report how kitchen has worked out/ if they are using it

- Privatization of Kitchen in 2nd Floor Machado

- Unanimously opposed

Swipe Access Between First Years (between parts of Keeney)

- 5 years in the making

- Right now - alarmed doors, 200 person sized community, has the support of many RPLs, less vandalism!

- Mo-champ , Em-wool has access, Metcalf/Miller, so possible to give a trial period (possibly next semester)