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Residential Council Weekly Meeting

Minutes on the meeting 2/4/2014
Time: 12:00 pm
Location: Grad Center E

1. West House

Expand to Plantations (easy to develop into an energy-reducing home as opposed to dorm like Machado; each house can focus on different environmental projects)

Plantation: 16 beds (West:14 and probably can fit up to 30ish in living room), Alexandra asked about location; Walker asked about how long people stay (they have senior, 2-3 years), and if they thought about off-campus housing (they want to reach out to sophomores who can't commit off-campus)

2. Lottery

- create centers where ResLife/Meiks could congregate for those who have concerns (Andrews, Friedman, etc)

- given a time, or dependent on how quickly people before you chose? Answer: dependent on time


1. Email saying "want to enter housing lottery?"

2. Enter your group (videos)

3. Picking in housing lottery

3. Time and Open or Close Ended

Alexandra: motion to make lottery into 3 minute lottery sessions open ended

- Approved!

4. Special Interest Housing for First Years

Alexandra: moved to vote on special interest housing for First-years

Kimberly seconded

- Denied