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Residential Council Weekly Meeting

Minutes on the meeting 2/11/2014
Time: 12:00 pm
Location: Grad Center E

March 6: Super Deadline Day

1. Discussed pros and cons of West House residents moving into 111 Brown St. as opposed to Plantations.

2. Points Brought up for Discussion

Walker: off-campus housing and increasing the chances/opportunities for juniors to receive off-campus permission

Alexandra: new complex and its impact

Maahika: also focus on on-campus dorms for juniors/seniors (Grad Center)

- Improving upperclassmen dorms to create a greater incentive for juniors and seniors to live on campus (and not worrying about temporary housing, etc.) was also brought to the table.

3. West House:

Alexandra made a motion to vote on an amended proposal to grant West House 111 Brown Street.

-Unanimous Approval