Welcome to the RI-CCTS

The Rhode Island Center for Clinical and Translational Science (RI-CCTS) serves as a virtual home to support and educate clinical and translational researchers in Rhode Island. Our goal is to enhance collaboration and coordination of translational research in order to accelerate cross-disciplinary discoveries that improve health. The RI-CCTS aims to:

  • Foster coordination between translational researchers at our partner institutions.
  • Bring together the diverse clinical research resources to provide a home that facilitates new collaborations.
  • Eliminate obstacles that may prevent researchers from pursuing clinical research initiatives.
  • Educate, mentor and encourage young investigators in clinical research professional development.
  • Facilitate research to gather preliminary data necessary for developing competitive research proposals.
  • Sustain a clinical translational research environment by providing the necessary management and coordination of resources.
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RI-CCTS Spotlight


10/27: DEANS Award Translational Research Seminar

The DEANS Award Translational Research Seminar is an ongoing seminar and networking series that highlights the cutting edge translational research being conducted by DEANS Award recipients. 

October 27, 2015
 5:30-8:00 pm
Alpert Medical School, Case Study Room 280
Food and beverages will be provided

Novel Paradigms for the Treatment of Biofilm Forming Pathogens
Rebecca Page, PhD and Eleftherios Mylonakis, MD 

Deep Brain Stimulation to Reduce Beta Rhythms in Parkinson’s Disease Guided By Neural Modeling
Stephanie Jones, PhD and Wael Asaad, MD, PhD 

Anti-microbial Activity of Auranofin and Assessment of a Coated Delivery Device
Beth Burgwyn Fuchs, PhD and Anita Shukla, PhD