Replacement & Care of The Brown ID


The lost card replacement fee is $20.00 per each instance. The Brown Card Office accepts Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX or Bear Bucks funds to pay for a lost replacement card. Students may also apply this fee to their Student Account. Lost cards and cards deliberately damaged or damaged through negligence will be replaced at a fee of $20.  

Brown University is not responsible for lost ID card fees and will not reimburse card holders for such instances. It is the responsibility of the card holder to pay for their own replacement ID card.




If a Brown Card is malfunctioning or is worn out, it should be reported to the Brown Card Office at (401) 863-2273 during business hours. With positive proof of identification, the Card Office will immediately replace the card. If reported during non-business hours, Brown Public Safety will issue a temporary dormitory access card.  Malfunctioning or accidentally damaged Brown Cards will be replaced free of charge.



It is important to carry your Brown Card securely on your person, just as you would a credit or bankcard. Keep your card clean and safe. Carry it in a cardholder or wallet divider. Be sure to remove your ID card from vending machines at the end of each transaction. Avoid bending your card or scratching the cards' magnetic stripe. Do not leave the card in direct sunlight or on a radiator. Keep away from extreme heat to avoid damage. Do not punch holes, add stickers or otherwise alter your Brown Card. Do not let your Brown Cards' magnetic stripe make direct contact with the magnetic stripes of similar cards, retail security de-sensors or anything else such as cell phone and laptop batteries, etc.