Academic Departments, Centers and Programs

The following Academic Departments, Centers, and Programs report to the Dean of the Faculty or to the Provost.

Humanities | Life Sciences | Physical Sciences | Social Sciences


Unit Chair/Director Manager Type
Classics Jeri DeBrohun
Susan Furtado Academic Department
Comparative Literature Marc Redfield
Charles Auger Academic Department
East Asian Studies Hye-Sook Wang Kathryn Spicer Academic Department
Egyptology and Assyriology John Steele Claire Benson Academic Department
English Philip Gould Marilyn Netter Academic Department
French Studies Gretchen Schultz
Michele Carreiro Academic Department
German Studies Gerhard Richter  Wendy Perelman Academic Department
Hispanic Studies Laura Bass
Mary Keaney Academic Department
History of Art and Architecture Sheila Bonde Diana Adamczyk Academic Department
Italian Studies Massimo Riva
Mona Delgado Academic Department
Judaic Studies Saul Olyan
Susan Rottenberg Academic Department
Literary Arts Leigh Cole Swensen Gale Nelson Academic Department
Modern Culture and Media Wendy Chun
Susan McNeil Academic Department
Music Butch Rovan Jennifer Vieira Academic Department
Philosophy Bernard Reginster Katherine Scanga Academic Department
Portuguese & Brazilian Studies Nelson Vieira Armanda Silva Academic Department
Religious Studies Susan Harvey Nicole Vadnais Academic Department
Slavic Languages Svetlana Evdokimova Gisela Belton Academic Department
Theatre Arts and Performance Studies Erik Ehn Emily Bruce Academic Department
Visual Art Wendy Edwards Sheila Haggerty Academic Department
Early Cultures Susan Alcock, Stephen Houston,
and John Bodel (Co-Directors)
Sarah Sharpe Program/Center
Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology and the Ancient World  Susan Alcock Sarah Sharpe Program/Center
Cogut Center for the Humanities Michael Steinberg Kit Salsbury Program/Center
Creative Arts Council Richard Fishman Program/Center
Gender and Sexuality Studies Kay Warren Donna Goodnow Program/Center
Language Studies Elsa Amanatidou Jill Stewart Program/Center
Medieval Studies Jonathan Conant
Maria Sokolova Program/Center
Modern Greek Studies Efstratios Papaioannou Stratis Papaioannou Program/Center
Renaissance and Early Modern Studies Harold Cook Maria Sokolova Program/Center

Life Sciences

Unit Contact


Cognitive, Linguistic and Psychological Sciences

William Heindel

Reinette Sousa Academic Department
Brain and Neural Systems Leon Cooper Willis Bilderback Program/Center
Environment and Society, Institute for the Study of Amanda Lynch Bonnie Horta Program/Center

Physical Sciences

Unit Contact Manager Type
Applied Mathematics Bjorn Sandstede Camille Dickson Academic Department
Chemistry Matthew Zimmt Lynn Rossi Academic Department
Computer Science Ugur Cetintemel Jane McIlmail Academic Department
Engineering Lawrence Larson Nancy Carroll Academic Department
Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences Timothy Herbert Nancy Fjeldheim Academic Department
Mathematics Jeffrey Brock Doreen Pappas Academic Department
Physics James Valles Sara Tortora Academic Department
Computation and Visualization Robert Pelcovits Sharon King Program/Center
Geometric Computing Roberto Tamassia Program/Center
Institute for Molecular and Nanoscale Innovation Nitin Padture Kim Cavanaugh Program/Center
Computational Molecular Biology Benjamin Raphael Nathaniel Gill Program/Center

Social Sciences

Unit Contact Manager Type
Africana Studies Paget Henry Deborah Bowen Academic Department
American Studies Matthew Guterl Jeff Cabral Academic Department
Anthropology Daniel Smith Mariesa DelSesto Academic Department
Economics Louis Putterman
Kim Departie Academic Department
Education Kenneth Wong Heather Johnson Academic Department
History Cynthia Brokaw 
Cherrie Guerzon Academic Department
Political Science Sharon Krause Patricia Gardner Academic Department
Sociology David Lindstrom Joan Picard Academic Department
Annenberg Institute for School Reform Warren Simmons Danielle Lilly-Marinosci Program/Center
The C.V. Starr Program in Business, Entrepreneurship and Organizations  Mary Fennell Brendan McNally Program/Center
Development Studies Nitsan Chorev
Anita Nester Program/Center
Environment and Society, Institute for the Study of Dov Sax Jeanne Loewenstein Program/Center
International Relations Claudia Elliott Claudia Elliott Program/Center
John Nicholas Brown Center for Public Humanities and Cultural Heritage Steven Lubar Jenna Legault Program/Center
Latin American and Caribbean Studies Richard Snyder Susan Hirsch Program/Center
Middle East Studies Beshara Doumani Barbara Oberkoetter Program/Center
Pembroke Center for Teaching and Research on Women Susan Stewart-Steienberg
Donna Goodnow Program/Center
Political Theory Project     John Tomasi Dina Egge Program/Center
Population Studies and Training Center Andrew Foster Thomas Alarie Program/Center
A. Alfred Taubman Center for Public Policy and American Institutions James Morone
Isabel Costa Program/Center
Center for the Study of Race and Ethnicity in America Tricia Rose Michael Ruo Program/Center
Rhodes Center for International Economics Jonathan Eaton Program/Center
Spatial Structures in the Social Sciences (S4) John Logan Program/Center
Science and Technology Studies
Tara Nummedal Program/Center
Slavery and Justice Tony Bogues Shana Weinberg Program/Center
Urban Studies Program Dietrich Neumann
Meredith Chase Paine Program/Center