Dean of the Faculty and Staff

 See the staff listed by areas of responsibility.

Kevin McLaughlin

Dean of the Faculty

Janet Blume

Senior Associate Dean of the Faculty

Faculty Research Accounts,
Limited Submission Grants & Awards, Physical Sciences, Replacement Teaching Funds

Joel Revill

Associate Dean of the Faculty
of the Faculty

Appointments & Reappointments, 
Conflict of Interest Reporting,
Course Buyout Approvals, Faculty Data, Sabbaticals and Leaves, Social Sciences

Anne Windham

Associate Dean of the Faculty

Dependent Care Travel Fund, Humanities, Letters of Evaluation for TPAC Dossiers,
Requests for Teaching Relief, Tenure and Promotions

Nancy Congdon

Director of Administration
and Finance

Departmental Budget Questions,
Departmental Staffing,
Moving Policy/Allowable Expenses

Debra Cost

Academic Finance and Service Coordinator

Melissa Cote

Assistant to the Dean of the Faculty

Annual Reviews, Hiring and Search Process (Regular Faculty), Scheduling
Appointments with the Dean

Jim Downing

Associate Director of Finance

Ed Goll

Administrative Assistant

Carina Hermann

Manager of Faculty Administration

Appointment and reappointment questions, Moving policy, Roster questions. 

Robyn Medeiros

Academic Finance and Service Coordinator

Sarah Peri

Manager, Finance and Budget

Faculty Data Manager


Faculty database management and data request fulfillment.

Celeste Thompson-Roach

Executive Assistant

Dependent Care Travel Fund,
Faculty Funds and Awards,
Reimbursement Requests by Department Chairs and Directors,

Grace Young
Specialist, Faculty Administration


Faculty appointments, leave requests

Barbara Zdravesky
Executive Assistant


TPAC Dossier Preparation, TPAC Scheduling


Areas of Responsibility

Annual Reviews Melissa Cote
Appointments, Reappointments, and Title Questions Carina Hermann,
Joel Revill
Conflict of Interest Reporting Joel Revill
Course Buyout Approvals Joel Revill
Departmental Budget Questions Nancy Congdon
Departmental Staffing
Nancy Congdon
Dependent Care Travel Fund
Anne Windham
Celeste Thompson-Roach
Faculty Funds and Awards
Celeste Thompson-Roach
Faculty Research Accounts Janet Blume
Hiring and Search Process (Regular Faculty)
Melissa Cote
Letters of Evaluation for TPAC Dossiers Anne Windham
Limited Submission Grants and Awards Janet Blume
Moving Policy/ Allowable Expenses Carina Hermann
Non-Regular Faculty Appointments and Reappointments Joel Revill
PAF and FAF questions Carina Hermann
Postdoctoral Appointments Joel Revill
Reimbursement Requests by Department Chairs and Directors
Celeste Thompson-Roach
Reporting an Extended Absence from Campus Joel Revill
Replacement Teaching Funds Janet Blume
Requests for Teaching Relief Anne Windham
Retirement, General Questions
Celeste Thompson-Roach
Roster Inquiries Carina Hermann
Scheduling Appointments with the Dean Melissa Cote
Sabbaticals and Leaves Joel Revill
Tenure and Promotions, General Questions Anne Windham
TPAC Dossier Preparation Barbara Zdravesky
TPAC Scheduling Barbara Zdravesky