Post-tenure Sabbatical Program

Post-Tenure Sabbatical Program

The Post-tenure Sabbatical Program was introduced in 2014 as part of Building on Distinction: A New Plan for Brown, the current strategic plan.  Under this policy Brown faculty are eligible for a sabbatical semester at full salary in the second year after their promotion to a tenured appointment.  

Sabbatical leaves constitute an important investment by the university in the quality of the education its faculty provides to students. The time for intensive focus on research contributes significantly and directly to this institutional mission.  Having just successfully completed a rigorous evaluation for appointment to a permanent position at the university newly tenured faculty members are poised to make major contributions to their fields.  Thus the period immediately following the award of tenure represents an especially propitious moment to provide faculty with the opportunity to concentrate on an ambitious scholarly project that can form the basis of their promotion to the rank of full professor at the next stage of their careers.

The details of the plan are as follows:

  • In the first year after promotion to a tenured position faculty will be eligible to apply for a sabbatical semester at full salary or a year at seventy-five percent of salary to be taken during the following academic year (the second year after being awarded tenure).  The timing of this sabbatical will be decoupled from that of the junior sabbatical.  

  • Faculty on the Post-tenure Sabbatical will begin to accumulate credit toward their next sabbatical at the beginning of their second year after tenure (excluding any semesters that they are on leave).
  • Faculty may delay their sabbatical by up to two semesters without penalty.  Further delays will affect the timing of future leaves unless they are necessitated by university or departmental service.  The Post-tenure Sabbatical may not be taken before the second year after tenure has been awarded.
  • All faculty granted tenure on or after July 1, 2013 who are not on sabbatical in 2013-14 are eligible to apply for this new sabbatical program.
  • All policies regarding the timing and use of regular sabbaticals apply to the post-tenure sabbatical.
  • Departments will receive temporary teaching funds for faculty on either partial- or full-salary sabbaticals taken under the Post-tenure Sabbatical Program.