FANS - Who is my Coordinator?

Academic Unit Coordinator Extension Email
American Studies Leah Lebel 3-5732
Annenberg Institute Valerie Kenneally 3-1678
Bell Gallery Valerie Kenneally 3-1678
Brain and Neural Systems, Institute for Valerie Kenneally 3-1678
Business, Entrepreneurship and Organizations Leah Lebel 3-5732
Careers and Life After Brown Ivy Hall 3-5731
Classics Leah Lebel 3-5732
College Admission Valerie Kenneally 3-1678
Comparative Literature Leah Lebel 3-5732
Computational Molecular Biology, Center for Valerie Kenneally 3-1678
Computing and Visualization, Center for Valerie Kenneally 3-1678
Dean of the College Ivy Hall 3-5731
Dean of the Faculty Leah Lebel 3-5732
East Asian Studies Leah Lebel 3-5732
Egyptology & Ancient Western Asian Studies Leah Lebel 3-5732
Environmental Change Initiative Valerie Kenneally 3-1678
Environmental Studies, Center for Leah Lebel 3-5732
Financial Aid Ivy Hall 3-5731
French Studies Leah Lebel 3-5732
German Studies Leah Lebel 3-5732
Haffenreffer Museum Valerie Kenneally 3-1678
Hispanic Studies Leah Lebel 3-5732
History of Art and Architecture Leah Lebel 3-5732
ICERM - Institute for Computational and Expermantal Research in Mathematics Valerie Kenneally 3-1678
IMNI - Institute for Molecular and Nanoscale Innovation Valerie Kenneally 3-1678
Institutional Diversity Ivy Hall 3-5731
Institutional Research Ivy Hall 3-5731
International Relations Program Leah Lebel 3-5732
Italian Studies Leah Lebel 3-5732
John Carter Brown Library Valerie Kenneally 3-1678
John Nicholas Brown Library Valerie Kenneally 3-1678
Latin American Studies, Center for Leah Lebel 3-5732
Leadership Alliance Valerie Kenneally 3-1678
Medieval Studies, Program in Leah Lebel 3-5732
Middle East Studies Leah Lebel 3-5732
Office of International Affairs Ivy Hall 3-5731
Office of International Programs Valerie Kenneally 3-1678
Office of Sponsored Projects Valerie Kenneally 3-1678
Pembroke Center Leah Lebel 3-5732
Philosphy Leah Lebel 3-5732
Political Science Leah Lebel 3-5732
Portuguese & Brazilian Studies Leah Lebel 3-5732
Provost Valerie Kenneally 3-1678
Registrar Valerie Kenneally 3-1678
Religious Studies Leah Lebel 3-5732
Research Protection Office Valerie Kenneally 3-1678
Sheridan Center Ivy Hall 3-5731
Slavery and Justice, Center for Leah Lebel 3-5732
Slavic Languages Leah Lebel 3-5732
Swearer Center Valerie Kenneally 3-1678
Taubman Center Leah Lebel 3-5732
Technology Ventures Office Valerie Kenneally 3-1678
Urban Studies Leah Lebel 3-5732
Vice President for Research Valerie Kenneally 3-1678
Visual Art Leah Lebel 3-5732
Watson Institute for International Studies Valerie Kenneally