Non-Regular Faculty Actions Form Instructions

Instructions for Faculty Action Form (FAF) for Non-Regular Faculty
***Please use Acrobat Pro to open the form***
If you do not have Acrobat Pro on your computer, you can download it from the CIS website under the software link on the left side of the webpage.

Academic Unit: Name of the academic unit name where the (re)/appointment will be made 

Date: Date of FAF completion

Contact Person: Name of the person completing the form, who can answer any questions on the information given

Campus Box: Box number of the person completing the form

Phone: Phone number of the person completing the form

Action-Appointment/Reappointment/Other: Please click on the circle that best categorizes the action to be completed. An example of ‘Other’ might be an appointment extension. If ‘Other’ is selected, please provide additional information in Section 2G on the form.

Position Title: Recommended title for candidate being (re)/appointed subject to DOF revision

About the Candidate:

Full Legal Name: the legal name as shown on the faculty member’s identification (driver’s license, passport) and not a nickname

Email Address: the email address used for communications to the applicant

Other Current Brown University Position(s): any other Brown affiliation known for the

About the Appointment:

Start Date: first day of (re)/appointment

End Date: last day of (re)/appointment

Paid Appointment: Select this circle if the (re)/appointment will be paid from any Brown funding source

Unpaid Appointment: Select this circle if there will be no salary paid to the candidate from Brown

Compensation Plan: Select from the drop down box the type of compensation plan to be used

Brown Salary Plan: non-regular (re)/appointments to be paid over a 12 month period OR to be paid during months that fall outside of the academic year (9/1- 5/31)

Brown 9 Month Salary Plan: non-regular (re)/appointments to be paid 9/1-5/31 only

Postdoctoral Fellowship: candidates with the recommended title of Postdoctoral Fellow

Compensation Amount: Put the amount to be paid to the candidate over the period of their (re)/appointment. Do not include the additional compensation amount (if applicable).

Add’l Compensation Type: This is to be used for any other type of compensation to be given to the candidate (e.g. housing, travel or medical allowance, research dollars, etc.)

Additional Amount: The amount to be paid for additional compensation to the candidate during the period of the (re)/appointment. If ‘Other’ is selected, please provide additional information in Section 2G on the form.

Costing Allocation: Complete the costing information for each account to be charged. Total of all distributions must equal 100% of the monthly amount to be paid.

Business Unit: In most cases this will be the Dean of the Faculty (BU151), but in some cases the candidate may have his/her salary charged to an account that falls under other areas across campus (e.g. Dean of the College BU150, Bio-Med BU190, etc.).
Cost Center: This is the department to which the account number belongs

Ledger Code: For non-regular faculty

  • LC50120 Multiyear Faculty Salary (equivalent to subcode 1030)
  • LC50140 Leave Replacement Faculty Salary (equivalent to subcode 1050)
  • LC50130 Recurring Faculty Salary (equivalent to subcode 1060)
  • LC50150 Non-Regular Faculty Research (equivalent to subcode 1061)
  • LC65210 Post Doc Fellow Stipends
  • LC65240 Post Doc Fellow Medical Supplement

Fund: If the account where the salary is being charged is a;

  • 2-ledger: Fund should be General Operating FD10000
  • 4-ledger: Fund should be Endowment FD40000
  • 5-ledger: Fund should be Sponsored Grants and Contracts FD50000
  • 6-ledger: Fund should be Restricted Gifts FD60000

Legacy Account: The account number where the compensation is to be charged

Distribution %: Percentage amount of the monthly salary to be charged to the Legacy Account indicated

Visa: Select if a visa is required and if ‘Yes’ then select the type of visa needed. If a J-1 visa is required, attach a completed DS2019 and any other documentation required by OISSS. If ‘Other’ is selected, please provide additional information in Section 2G on the form.

Additional comments, including the purpose of appointment: Use this space to provide any additional information that may be needed for the (re)/appointment. This space can also be used to provide the rationale for an unpaid (re)/appointment.

List the titles and semesters of courses to be taught, if applicable: If the (re)/appointment is an instructional appointment, list the information as indicated (Course Number, Name, and Semester).

For new instructional appointments please provide teaching evaluations or evidence of the quality of teaching (this could include comments from recommendation letters, references to syllabi, etc.). For reappointments attach multiple choice responses from the most recent year of teaching at Brown (available via Cognos): For instructional (re)/appointments who are not coming from an academic setting, please have the Chair or Director provide the candidate’s quality of teaching in section 2J. For help with Cognos reports, contact the CIS Reporting Team at

Chair or Director: Please provide a brief summary of the candidate's quality of teaching (instructional appointments only): To be completed by the Chair or Director of the unit where the (re)/appointment is being made. Please make sure the Chair or Director signs the FAF before returning it to the Dean of the Faculty Office.