1. Q. What is IDOC?

 A. The College Board's Institutional Documentation Service (IDOC) collects documents from applicants on behalf of Brown’s Office of Financial Aid. The Office of Financial Aid will use these documents to verify information from your financial aid application (CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE and/or Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)) and to better understand your family's financial circumstances. The College Board notifies Brown students applying for financial aid when and how to submit the required documents. Once the College Board receives your information, electronic copies of the documents will be made available to the Brown University Office of Financial Aid.

2. Q. I’m concerned about the security and confidentiality of what I send to the College Board. How can I be assured that sending information to IDOC is safe? 

A. The confidentiality of your information is very important to the College Board and to Brown University. To ensure the highest level of data integrity, privacy, and security, the College Board has implemented systems that include multiple firewalls with unique security zones, data encryption, intrusion detection systems, data and system backups, and data integrity checks. Your information will be stored in a secure environment, and will be communicated only to the financial aid office(s) at IDOC-participating college(s) and program(s) to which you are applying. The paper copies of your documents will be destroyed after the conclusion of the processing year.

The website is using an encryption technology known as Secure Sockets Layer, or SSL. The URL of website using SSL will begin with "https:" instead of "http:" indicating the secure connection. SSL software authenticates that the College Board is the owner of this site.

3. Q. How will I receive notice regarding which documents should be sent to IDOC?

A. In addition to notices you will receive from our office, the College Board will email the student an IDOC submission request. Included in the College Board’s IDOC email will be a checklist and cover sheet to download. You may also consult the Applying section of our website for full details of specific required documents.

4. Q. I was notified by the College Broard that Brown is a school that requires IDOC but it is not listed as one of my requirements on Brown's self-service website. Why are you not requesting me to complete IDOC here at Brown?

A. If no requirements appear as outstanding on self-service, we have all the necessary information to determine your financial aid eligibility at this time. Once the Office of Financial Aid reviews your initial application materials for financial aid which may include only the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and/or the CSS Profile, we may be requesting additional information from you. The Office of Financial Aid and/or the Loan Office will notify you via email if additional information is needed. In this case, you wil be notified via email if additional information is needed.

5. Q. What should I do if I did not receive an email notification from IDOC but this requirement is listed on my financial aid requirements on Banner Self Service?

A. The IDOC email notification will be sent starting in mid February to your Brown email account OR for incoming applicants, to the email listed on your CSS Profile application. If you do not receive an email notification from IDOC please write to us at financial_aid@brown.edu and we will provide you with instructions.

6. Q. Do I need an IDOC cover sheet to submit my application information?

A. YES. Without an IDOC cover sheet your information will be rejected by the College Board. Information submitted to IDOC without the cover sheet will not be processed by IDOC and mailed back to the student.

7. Q. How do I get my IDOC Cover Sheet?

A. The email you receive from the College Board will provide you with a link or go directly to idoc.collegeboard.com. Enter two of the following: your IDOC ID, your Social Security Number, or your Date of Birth; then click the "Sign-In" button. On the next page click on "IDOC Cover Sheet."  Your IDOC Cover Sheet must be legible and printed on one side of a blank piece of paper.

8. Q. Should I send in my IDOC packet if I don’t have 2013 Federal Income Tax Returns complete?

A. NO! Please read on.

9. Q. Our tax return(s) won't be complete until after your IDOC submission deadline.  What should we do?

A. Submit your IDOC packet as soon as possible after our deadline, even if late.  Include your completed 2013 tax return information.  This applies to both U.S. and Canadian tax filers.

10. Q. We have or will be filing an Income Tax Return Extension with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). What should we do?

A. You will not be using the IDOC service.  If you have secured an extension to file your tax return at a later date, submit a copy of IRS Form 4868 in lieu of the tax return, along with copies of all 2013 W2  wage/earning forms directly to the Office of Financial Aid, not to the IDOC service. Do Not wait until you complete your tax returns to submit the FAFSA and CSS Profile (1st year students only) or the Brown Continuing Student Application (current students only) to the Office of Financial Aid; use estimates on these applications if necessary. Once your 2013 federal income taxes are complete, submit a signed copy to the Office of Financial Aid.

11. Q. Once my IDOC packet has been submitted, how do I confirm all the documents have been processed and Brown has received this information?

A. The Financial Aid Requirements section of your Banner self-service account will be updated within 5-10 business days after your packet has been mailed to IDOC. Once it has been processed the IDOC and tax requirements will be listed as “satisfied.” Please be aware that the Brown Continuing Student Application (for current or previously enrolled students) will not appear as a separate requirement on the Banner self-service account. 

12. Q. I have already submitted an IDOC packet however I have additional information I would like to submit. Where do I send this information?

A. Only ONE, complete packet of information should be submitted directly to IDOC.   Subsequent submission are not allowed.  

Students who have separated/divorced parents should have only ONE complete packet of information submitted on behalf of EACH parent.  Any additional information that you would like to submit AFTER your IDOC packet has been submitted must be sent directly to the Office of Financial Aid.

13. Q. Where can I go for additional information about IDOC?

A. Additional information related to IDOC questions can be found on the following website. https://idoc.collegeboard.com/idoc/idochelp_faq.jsp 

14. Q. Who can I contact with additional questions or concerns?

A. You may contact the Office of Financial Aid or to contact the College Board directly with questions about IDOC, please call 1-305-829-9793.