2010-11 International Research Seed Fund Award Winners - ENV

In consultation with an ad hoc advisory committee, a one-time dispersal of funds was made in 2010-11 for a proposal to stimulate a major new interdisciplinary environmental initiative in collaboration with global peers and to foster a robust institutional partnership in the global environmental field.

“Phenological Shift in Facing Climate Change: Cross-sites Comparison between Forests in the U.S. and China”

The proposed project will solidify international collaborations with peers in China and will accelerate a very promising cross-disciplinary effort on the connections between biological timing and climate change.  The project will facilitate the development of new remote sensing techniques, allowing regional and global measurements of characteristics that now are measured only on local scale. 

PI: Jianwu Tang, Assistant Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (MBL)

Co-PIs: John Mustard, Professor of Geological Sciences

Johanna Schmitt, Stephen T. Olney Professor of Natural History, Director of the Environmental Change Initiative, and Professor of Biology and Environmental Studies

Award:  $50,000.00