2010 International Research Seed Fund Award Winners - Global Health

In consultation with an ad hoc advisory committee, a one-time dispersal of funds was made in 2010 for a proposal to stimulate a major new global health initiative in collaboration with global peers and to foster a robust institutional partnership in the global health field.

“Health and Social Protection in Weak States: Comparative Research on the Middle East”

In much of the Global South, welfare states are either underdeveloped or virtually nonexistent while non-state actors play vital roles in providing basic health services and, more broadly, in ensuring social protection. How do ordinary people gain access to health care and maintain or improve their well-being in contexts where public health systems are deficient? The project focuses on three Middle Eastern countries – Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine – selected to vary on the relative importance of the state and non-state actors in guaranteeing social protection. This regional focus raises a related question, notably what explains the apparent “Islamist advantage” in the provision of health care and other basic services. This research aims to contribute to the growing body of cross-disciplinary research on the social and political determinants of health.

PI: Melani Cammett, Associate Professor of Political Science and Director of the Middle East Studies Program

Co-PIs: Susan Allen, Professor of Medical Science and Deputy Director of the Center for Gerontology and Health Care Research

Sherine Hamdy, Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Stephen McGarvey, Professor of Community Health and Anthropology and Director of the International Health Institute

Award: $50,000.00