2012 Brown in Translation Awards

Awarded Books

Sherine Hamdy

Assistant Professor

Department of Anthropology

For the translation of her book Our Bodies Belong to God: Organ Transplants, Islam, and the Struggle for Human Dignity in Egypt (2012), into Arabic

Hamdy’s book deals with timely and politically sensitive matters that can contribute to current intellectual debates aimed at rethinking the role of religion in public affairs and in shaping health care policy in a post-Mubarak Egypt.

Gerhard Richter

German Studies

For the translation of his book Thought-Images: Frankfurt School Writers Reflections from Damaged Life (2007), into Portuguese

In this book, Richter explores the aesthetic and political ramifications of the literary genre of the Denkbild, or thought-image, as it was employed by four major German-Jewish writers and philosophers of the first half of the 20th century.

Cole Swensen


Department of Literary Arts

For the translation of her book, Ours (2008), into French

Ours is an 80-page collection of poetry focused on the 17th century landscape architect and garden designer, André Le Nôtre.

Vazira F-Y Zamindar

Associate Professor

Department of History

For the translation of her book, The Long Partition and the Making of Modern South Asia: Refugees, Boundaries, Histories (2007), into Urdu

Based on fieldwork with Muslims in both India and Pakistan, The Long Partition examines the long, contentious, and ambivalent process of drawing political boundaries and making distinct nation-states in the midst of this historic chaos.

Awarded Articles

Melani Cammett
Associate Professor
Department of Political Science

For the translation of her article "Bricks and Mortar Clientelism: The Political Geography of Welfare in Lebanon” (2010), into Arabic


This article, which appeared in World Politics, explores the politics of social welfare by sectarian organizations in Lebanon.


Linda Cook
Professor and Chair
Department of Political Science
For the translation of her article "Eastern Europe and Russia” (2010), into Russian

Published in The Oxford Handbook of the Welfare State, this book chapter is a comprehensive analytical essay on the welfare state in Eastern Europe and Russia, from the foundations in the Soviet period through post-communist transformations.

Evelyn Hu-DeHart


Department of History

For the translation of a selection of 5-6 (titles TBD) of the following journal articles and book chapters, into Chinese:

"Immigrants to a Developing Society: The Chinese in Northern Mexico, 1975-1932" (1980)
"Coolies, Shopkeepers, Pioneers: The Chinese of Mexico and Peru" (1989)
"Chinese Coolie Labor in Cuba and Peru in the Nineteenth Century: Free Labor or Neoslavery?" (1992)
"Latin America in Asia-Pacific Perspective" (1993)
"Huagong and Huashang: The Chinese as Laborers and Merchants in Latin Ameria and the Caribbean" (2002)
"Opium and Social Control:  Coolies on the Plantations of Peru and Cuba" (2005)
"Voluntary Associations in a Predominately Male Immigrant Community" (2006)
"Transpacific Confrontation" (2006)
"The Columbian Exchange" (2007)
"La trata amarilla: the 'Yellow Trade' and the Middle Passage" (2007)
"Indispensable Enemy or Convenient Scapegoat? A Critical Examination of Sinophobia in Latin America and the Caribbean" (2009)

To be featured in the “Series of Social Economics History” for Zhejiang University, one of China’s leading academic presses, this selection focuses on the Chinese in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Keisha Khan-Perry

Assistant Professor

Department of Africana Studies

For the translation of her article “Social Memory and Black Resistance: Black Women and Neighborhood Struggles in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil” (2005), into Portuguese

This essay explores the participation of black women-led neighborhood movements in the broader black movement in Brazil.