Click here for an overview and What's New in 2016 in Benefits, from the 2016 Benefits Enrollment Decision Guide.  Full guide is found on the right.

UnitedHealthcare Virtual Visits

In 2016 you can consult a doctor virtually through UnitedHealthcare.  If you are a member of UHC's comprehensive plan, the virtual visit is free!  For CDHP members, the deductible applies.  Please see the summary and FAQ's below.

Virtual Visits Summary

Virtual Visits FAQ's

OptumRx is Brown's Pharmacy Benefit Manager as of 1/1/16

OptumRx will administer prescription drug coverage starting in January for everyone enrolled in Brown's health plans.  Here is a link to the OptumRx website specifically for Brown employees and their families.

The telephone number for OptumRx customer service is 866-441-2422.  This is a dedicated number for Brown. 

Retirement Plan Limits Unchanged in 2016

The IRS announced on October 21 that the limit on employee contributions to employer-sponsored retirement plans will remain $18,000 in 2016.  For employees age 50 and over, the limit is $24,000.

New Retirement Savings Option

Brown now offers a Roth contribution option in the 403(b) retirement plans!  If you are a participant in a Brown plan, you have a choice between pre-tax and post-tax contributions.  Click the links below for more information from Fidelity Investments and TIAA-CREF.

Fidelity Roth 403(b) Flyer
TIAA-Cref Roth 403(b) Flyer