Health Insurance

Eligible employees may elect health insurance coverage through Brown University. Health insurance becomes effective the first day of the month coinciding with, or next following, the date of hire. Coverage ceases at the end of the month in which eligibility ends.

Eligible employees' paychecks are generally reduced on a pre-tax basis by the amount appropriate of the employee health insurance contribution. This pre-tax plan is governed by Internal Revenue Service regulations and, as a result, there are certain limitations on an enrollee's ability to make changes to coverage levels during the year. Under certain circumstances, it may be necessary or desirable to deduct premiums on a post-tax basis.

Open Enrollment is usually held on an annual basis (during the fall), at which time employees can change coverage levels and/or health insurance carriers.

Health Insurance Plans

Eligible employees may select coverage under any of the three plans listed below. No exclusions for pre-existing conditions are included in all of the plans.

All plans have an in-network and an out-of-network option. In-network services require a nominal copayment; out-of-network services involve claim forms, deductibles, co-insurance and out-of-pocket maximums.


Employees of Brown holding positions on the regular payroll are eligible to elect group health insurance coverage through the University. Eligibility is subject to status and hours worked per year. Please refer to the Benefits Eligibility and Contribution Schedule for more details.

Employees may elect to cover a spouse or same-sex domestic partner (subject to defined eligibility criteria) as well as dependent children.

Spouses may include individuals that are legally married and/or meet the definition of a common-law spouse. Dependent children may include the employee's unmarried, natural and/or legally adopted children, or children that the employee has been granted legal guardianship. Children may be covered until age 26.


Eligible employees covered under the Brown University Health Plan pay a portion of the monthly premium. The amount varies according to the individual's employee group, salary, status, and hours worked. See below for details:

Rate Sheets

Rate sheets can be found in the Related Forms section on this page.

Plan Carriers & Provider Directories

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island

When using the online directory to find providers outside of Rhode Island, please select Blue Card PPO from the product list.

UnitedHealthcare of New England

When using the online directory to find a participating provider, please choose the UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus plan.

Prescription Drug Coverage Provider

Express Scripts is the University's prescription drug coverage provider as of January 1, 2010.  Employees are automatically enrolled in prescription drug coverage if they are enrolled in a Brown health plan.  Subscriber ID cards will be mailed to an employee's home address and should be presented at the pharmacy for all prescription drug purchases.

Additional cards for dependents can be ordered through Express Scripts Customer Service at 1-800-230-0508 or on their website at