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Human Resources Department
Box 1879 • 164 Angell Street
Providence, Rhode Island  02912-1879

System Administrator:

Contact Numbers:
HR Tel:  863-3175                                    
Benefits Tel:  863-2141      
Center for Learning & Professional Development Tel:  863-9970

Fax Numbers:
Benefits Fax:  863-3158
Employment Fax: 863-9329
Center for Learning & Professional Development Fax:  863-3513

Name Title Telephone
General Information
Brittany Kosiba Administrative Coordinator 863-3175
Stephanie Altomari-Cavanagh Manager, HR Initiatives and Administration 863-3377
Karen Davis Vice President for Human Resources 863-6050
Kimberly Almeida Benefits Financial Manager 863-3458
Norah Bradbury Benefits Special Programs Coordinator 863-1788
Lisa Galvin Sr. Benefits Specialist 863-3257
Jeff Jakulevicius Benefits Compliance Analyst 863-7594
Drew Murphy Director of Benefits 863-1244
Stephanie Romano Leave Specialist 863-1790
Cynthia Schimelpfenig Benefits Manager 863-7568
Cairn Smith Sr. Benefits Specialist 863-7506
Elaine Whited Benefits Data Analyst 863-1372
Alfredo Gozzi Benefits Data Coordinator 863-2220
Michele Wise Sr. Benefits Special Programs Coordinator 863-2459
Jennifer McKay Work/Life Program Specialist 863-3715
Christina Bernier Administrative Coordinator 863-2009
Compensation and Organizational Services
Kim Koper Compensation Analyst 863-9026
Terese Reynolds Senior Compensation Analyst 863-9320
Elizabeth Warner Director, Compensation & Organizational Services 863-1792
Training and Employee Programs
Kerry Feather Training & Instructional Design Specialist 863-2456
Judith Nabb Training Manager 863-9376
Nicole Legault Training & Instructional Design Specialist 863-9196
David Ethier Training Specialist 863-2656
Cynthia Yearwood Training Coordinator 863-9970

Angel Hilliard

Manager, Employee Programs 863-3629
Employment/HR Services
VACANT Employment Specialist
Maria Chester HR Generalist 863-2938
Michael Elias HR Generalist 863-1796
Margaret McDonald Employment Specialist 863-6340
Elizabeth Scotto HR Generalist 863-1785
Donna Silvia Position Coordinator 863-3177
Barbara Thomas HR Assistant  863-9150
Toni Lenz Tinberg Director, HR Services 863-1082
Records and Data Services
Michelle Brayton Records and Data Student Payroll Coordinator 863-2597
Barbara Le Page Records and Data Coordinator 863-3154
Kris Lindstrom Records and Data Assistant 863-2908
Donna Silva Lead Records and Data Coordinator 863-2951
Labor and Employee Relations
Paul Mancini Director, Labor and Employee Relations  863-3896
Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action
Wendy McRae-Owoeye Director, Staff Diversity 863-1787