Employee Identification Cards

The University provides all staff with an Employment Identification Card (Brown Card). Employees with valid Brown Cards are entitled to use a variety of campus services. For detailed information on the services available to employees, please visit the Brown Card Office website at:


General Information about Employee Brown Cards:

The Brown Card remains the property of Brown University. It is entrusted to each staff member (while employed by the University). Most individuals are required to obtain a Brown Card if they use campus services. Cardholders may possess only one Brown Card at a time.

The Brown Card must be presented when seeking access or privileges determined through the Brown University Card Access System or upon request of a University Official.

University service providers or program units such as Athletics, Media Services, Library, etc. are prohibited from taking physical possession of the Brown Card as collateral for items which are to be borrowed or rented, or for the purposes of allowing a cardholder usage of a service. If this occurs, the cardholder must report the situation to the Brown Card Office.

University service providers, program units and employees are prohibited from attaching items to the Brown Card (e.g. stickers, etc) or perforate the Brown Card. Attachment of foreign objects and perforation to the physical card will cause damage to campus card readers.

A Brown Card may be required to obtain discounts for goods and services provided by non-Brown affiliated businesses.

Obtaining a Brown Card:

Employees will be photographed and receive their Brown ID Card in the Brown Card Office during normal business hours.

Lost, Stolen or Damaged Brown Cards:

It is the responsibility of the cardholder to report promptly a lost or stolen identification card. If the loss or theft is discovered during normal business hours, notification should be made to the Brown Card Office. Outside of business hours, the loss or theft should be reported to Public Safety.

Stolen, malfunctioning or accidentally damaged Brown Cards will be replaced free of charge. Lost cards or cards deliberately damaged through negligence will be replaced for a fee. A police report must be presented to the Brown Card Office to waive the fee for a card reported stolen.

Fraudulent Use of Brown Cards:

Brown Cards are strictly non-transferrable. Fraudulent use of a Brown Card will result in disciplinary action. Fraudulent use includes using or permitting the use of a card by a person other than the individual to whom it was issued or for the benefit of a person not entitled to the access or privileges for which it is used.

Confidentiality of Brown Card Photo Images:

The photo image and all other cardholder related information are confidential and will be used exclusively for official University business. Photo images or cardholder information will not be made available electronically or otherwise for any other purpose.

Brown Cards for Temporary Employees:

Employees working in temporary positions on a Brown Payroll usually do not receive Brown Cards; however, they may be eligible to receive a limited-privilege Brown Card if necessary to perform the position’s duties.

Returning Brown Cards upon Termination:

Employee Brown Cards are considered University property and must be returned upon termination of employment along with other University property.