Establishing Trainee And Apprenticeship Positions

In establishing trainee and apprenticeship positions, the University provides its employees with the opportunity to enhance their career development and provides a means of succession planning.

Establishing Trainee and Apprenticeship Positions--General Information

Trainee and apprenticeship positions are positions of limited duration specifically designed to prepare incumbents to assume the duties and responsibilities of another position. A manager or supervisor, with the approval of the responsible senior officer, may initiate a trainee or apprenticeship for a particular position. All trainee and apprenticeship positions must be approved by Compensation and Organizational Services and the EEO/AA Office prior to commencement.
Trainee and apprenticeship positions have the following characteristics:

  • Each is planned for a specific training period (usually, one year);
  • Each has a formal list of goals and objectives to be accomplished during its term, in addition to a timetable for such accomplishments to follow;
  • Each is supervised by a person qualified to train and evaluate the incumbent; and,
    • The job description for trainee or apprenticeship positions and the positions to which each lead must be evaluated by the Compensation and Organizational Services before such positions begin.
    • Upon completion of a trainee or apprenticeship position, a formal performance review will be conducted to determine if progression to the next established position, cessation of a trainee/apprenticeship position or extension of the trainee/apprenticeship position training period is appropriate.
    • Salaries will be determined in accordance with the Determining Salaries for Newly Hired or Promoted Employees policy (40.021).