Tuition Aid Program

Brown University offers eligible employees a benefit program to provide assistance in paying the cost of undergraduate tuition for their eligible dependent children.

The Tuition Aid Program (TAP) is administered pursuant to the approval of the Corporation of Brown University, as adopted on June 2, 1979, as amended from time to time, and according to the Internal Revenue Code, as amended from time to time.

Eligibility for the Tuition Aid Program

To be eligible for TAP benefits, an employee must be an active employee on the Brown University regular payroll working 66.7% time or greater with no breaks in service or changes in payroll status, and have four years of continuous full-time service. HR Policy #20.023, Credit for Prior Service does not apply to TAP.

Employees who are eligible for TAP benefits and who die or become permanently disabled during active service will continue to be eligible to receive benefits for eligible dependent children who are currently enrolled in college. Employees with a minimum of five (5) years full-time employment who are eligible for TAP benefits and who die or become permanently disabled during active service will continue to be eligible to receive benefits for all eligible dependent children they have at the time of death or disability. The benefit available to an eligible dependent child of a deceased or disabled employee is the benefit level in place at the time of death or disability.

Eligibility for a TAP benefit shall be for dependent children who:

- Are the natural or legally adopted children of eligible employees;
- Meet Brown University's requirements for eligibility and the IRS definition of "dependent";
- Attend an institution eligible for federal Title IV grants;
- Are enrolled full-time* in an undergraduate degree program; and,
- Are in good standing and make normal academic progress as defined by the institution they attend.

*Note: TAP benefits may be approved in instances where a student has a chronic, disabling medical condition that precludes full-time enrollment. Prior to approving TAP benefits, the Benefits Office will require submission of substantiating documentation for review.

Tuition Aid Program Benefit

Brown University will pay TAP benefits up to $10,000 per eligible dependent child per academic year for a total of up to four normal academic years. Summer and special session enrollment, including participation in the Brown University Advanced Secondary School Program qualifies for the benefit but is counted toward the maximum benefit in the academic year in which the session is completed. TAP benefits are not reduced as a result of other sources of financial aid/scholarship awards, although the level of other financial aid/scholarship awards may be affected by the TAP benefit. Information about the impact of TAP on any financial aid package awarded by a specific school should be available from that school's Financial Aid Office.

The TAP benefit is not a part of, and may not be used in combination with, any other Brown University-provided tuition aid benefit for dependent children of employees.

The TAP benefit will be applied toward the cost of full-time tuition only. In instances where an institution charges a fee that meets the definition of tuition, such fee may be eligible for payment under TAP.

If a dependent child withdraws from school or drops from full to part-time student status during a semester, that semester is no longer eligible for TAP benefits. It is the employee's responsibility to arrange for return of the full amount of the TAP benefit or to reimburse the Benefits Office directly. If a student does not satisfactorily complete a course, the employee must reimburse Brown for TAP payments made for that course.

TAP will not pay for vocational or technical certification programs.

Tuition Aid Program—Application and Administration

TAP applications (available on-line or in the Benefits Office) should be signed by the eligible employee and submitted by June 30 for the upcoming academic year. A new application is required for each academic year. Only one application is required per student per academic year, unless a change in status (e.g., the student changes schools) requires a modification to the annual application.

The employee must submit itemized bills for each semester, trimester or quarter to the Benefits Office prior to the end of each term. Benefits will be paid only if the itemized tuition bill is received before the end of the applicable term. TAP payments are made in installments directly to the institution attended.

This policy is a summary only of the Tuition Aid Program. Certain groups of employees may qualify for a different benefit. For more detailed information, consult the Tuition Aid Program Information Guide, available on-line or from the Benefits Office.